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SatoshiFX: Trade Crypto, FX, Shares, Commodities, and Indices 



Since the release of cryptocurrencies by the introduction of Bitcoin, there have been reserved comments on the value of the asset. However, a few transactions carried out using BTC showed that it can be useful someday. Apart from the transactions, there has also been a need for exchanges to help convert from fiat to crypto. Gox, launched in 2010 is one of the earliest exchanges that permitted BTC exchanges with other currencies.

Apart from Gox, Bitomat, Trade Hill,, and more were released as well. However, attackers and regulations made these systems collapse. Despite the collapse, the adoption of cryptocurrencies went up making the launch of crypto firms increase.

Then, down to 2018 when there were Binance, Bitfinex, and Bittrex, users were hindered from joining these crypto exchanges. The major reasons included that the infrastructure couldn’t carry the mass influx of individuals coming into these platforms.

The team behind Satoshifx responds to this dilemma by creating a platform that will give access to a limitless number of persons to enjoy the different features of cryptocurrencies. All these features will be found in a single platform.

What is Satoshifx?

Satoshifx is an all-in-one platform that brings the best tools to help users interact within the fiat-crypto ecosystem. It was founded by Madhu Shekher Bandari, an entrepreneur and the CEO of Consta Group.

It was incorporated in St. Vincent, on 29 July 2021. “We want to make cryptocurrencies a common, reliable, simple, and safe system of payment,” says the team. “It is our vision to be the leader in the utilization of cryptocurrency as a form of payment for products and services on a global scale.”

Features of Satoshifx

The rise in the production of crypto services is a clear sign that demand is going to increase further. Blockchain technology will see a drive-in value of more than $35b by 2025. These metrics and more has made Satoshifx create a system that will easily onboard users to experience and use blockchain technology.

Here’s a list:

  • Crypto Exchange

On the Satoshifx platform will be an exchange that will permit trading of different crypto assets like coins, tokens, NFTs, and more available round the clock with high-security systems. Users are assured of trading at the best prices they can get per time, and with a wide range of asset options.

  • Forex Crypto Platform

Before crypto trading, there have been forex and Satoshifx provides that option to users of the platform. On Satoshifx, users have access to more than 50 pairs allowing up to 0.6pips during trading.

  • Crypto-fiat Payments

Whether it’s crypto or fiat currencies, Satoshifx has systems connected to payment platforms like MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and more for payments. With this, users are not restricted to buying or selling assets in either fiat or cryptocurrencies.

  • STF Gold Coin

For those who want to gain access to the Gold market, it’s been simplified on Satoshifx by the introduction of the STF Gold Coin. Buying this coin gives users access to a certificate that authenticates the gold asset they have purchased.

  • AI-controlled System

AI technology is integrated into the platform to help regulate and create a near-perfect system with fewer trading errors. Trading bots, AI algorithms, and AI indicators are some of the services given under this structure.

  • Education System

Satoshifx provides an educational system that will be upgraded from time to time to help beginners understand investing, trading, and other crypto-related activities. This is also cultured with the access to global market updates as news. 

Other services and features in the Satoshifx platform are the presence of mining systems (under development), STF NFT and marketplace synchronization, STF fund, MT4 and MT5 integration for trading, STF Coin (the native token of the platform) and it is accessible via mobile as an app on Google Play Store or App Store.

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Challenges and Road Map of Satoshifx

Satoshifx has a good and innovative USP to the finance market especially as it relates to crypto-fiat combination, however, the services are at this stage so much. Some are yet to be fully developed.

The challenge is, can they offer excellent services on all of these structures at the same time or focus on a few in the market?

Another aspect of the Satoshifx platform that needs attention is the design interface. When compared with other platforms like Binance, it’s of a lower standard.

For the plans of Satoshifx, the first launch will be in the Middle East, then North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and the rest of the world.

While this is going on, a few steps to take will include securing a license for regulatory purposes; building a strong team for launch, and post-launch activities; marketing the product; and lots more.

So simply put in Q4 2021, IEO should have been completed with the alpha launch and building of the Satoshi Fx platform. The Satoshi FX Platform is supposed to be launched in Q1 2022 with MT5, desktop version, and enrollment of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2022 should be for the implementation of metal and forex trading, the launch of the mobile app and tablet version, the release of metal and forex futures, and a complete mining system.

Team and Partners Behind Satoshifx

Currently, the team is made up of more advisors apart from the founder. Vlad Martynov is one of the advisors who is a global high-tech entrepreneur and investor. He has built more than two decades of experience in software development.

Hugo Cancio has been in the world of business, especially in the Cuban business environment. He owns Fuego Enterprises, Inc and is the CEO of Cuba Business Development Group. Pardeilhan Raul is a Brand Promoter and CEO at Shining Tigers Production. 

Other team members are Adam Pokornicky, COO, Investment Advisor, Head of Business Development at Digital Asset Investment Management; Dr.Eugenio Roberto Caligiuri, an International Lawyer, Medical Doctor, and Master’s holder in International Relations; Dr. Antonio Serna, a global consultant in cyber security, and financial management systems.

Denis Bednyagin, business development executive, Cleantech, and Blockchain expert; Stephen Meade, founder of Big Bamboo; Maksim Barziankou, International Business Developer, and Professional Wood-based Product Manager; and Pekka Kelkka, Blockchain Business, and Digital Marketing Professional.


Having a pull-through of 86000 transactions per second, servicing over 700,000 users globally in 99% of countries around the world is a huge task. However, the team at Satoshifx looks ready to carry the dream of the company which is to

“…be every investor’s one-stop shop when it comes to metals and cryptos investing” and “… to make cryptocurrencies a common, reliable, simple and safe system of payment.”


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1 Comment

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