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Top 10 Celebrities that have bought NFTs 



The internet has changed the world. It has made it easier for people to share messages and designs across the globe just with ease. Nevertheless, the solution of getting information across the world comes with a delicate problem.

The problem of revenue and ownership. The problem of revenue comes because no one can get paid for what is posted on the Internet. 

The consequence is advertisement. Advertisements that usually come up during reading or watching videos are very boring and distracting but no one could help because that is the only way of revenue generation. Many companies resorted to advertisements so that they can generate money while relaying information. 

The advent of NFT came to solve these two problems. People do not necessarily need to generate more money from advertisements when it is known that the more people appreciate an article, the more value the article gets. 

This does not only come with articles but with any kind of design. Once an article or a design becomes an NFT, it cannot be replaced or destroyed because it becomes a digital imprint that is associated with the owner. With this, there is no chance for plagiarism or intellectual property theft.

An NFT stands for non-fungible token. It means that whatever article or token you have is unique. Many celebrities have NFTs to their names. Nigerian music mogul, Don Jazzy spoke about buying a NFT and making $300,000 from it in 2021.

This article is bent to tell you those celebrities, the tokens they got and the price at which they got them

1: Snoop Dogg

On 20th September 2021, Snopp Dogg revealed himself as @cozomoMedici, a nft booster. He seems to be one of the celebrities that understood the power of nft. With “the journey with the Dogg”, Snopp can digitize his memories as a renowned rapper.

Dogg is so immersed in this new blockchain technology that he had to buy the Fidenza 938 at a whopping sum of $8.5M (about 2500 ETH). This is not surprising for Snopp Dogg always lives for the future.

2: Justin Bieber

The famous lonely singer got into the crypto by getting bored ape yacht club BAYC #3001 nft for a whopping sum of $1.29 million and this is equivalent to 500 ethereum.

Just a few hours ago, he got the second BAYC  3850 priced at $470,000. 27-years old singer bought his two nfts within two weeks. Considering his love for nft, he is sure to get his third and more tokens as days go by.

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3: Lionel Messi

The god of football does not buy nfts like others, he created a new realm for his collection. Thanks to BossLogic, Messiverse came into existence.

Messi verse is a nft collection that immortalizes the legendary memories of Messi. When auctioned, it will be worth more than a million dollars. Appreciating the digital art, Messi tweeted, ”Art is like football, eternal.”

4: Reese Witherspoon

The richest actress in the world delves into the nft world of women. Though the exact worth of her nft is hidden, she already has two nfts from Yam Karkai’s World of Women. 

5: Steph Curry

Steph is one of the richest and most famous basketball players. Considering his wealth he hoped to make various investments. With the popularity of NFTs, Steph bought a bored ape yacht club nft worth 55 ethereum. That is about the outrageous sum of $169,000

6: Jimmy Fallon

Likening  Moonpay to Paypal of the crypto, Jimmy declared his first NFT. He bought bored ape #599 at 46.6 ETH which is about $143,434. 

7: Eminem

At first, it looked like this 49-year-old star would not look into this crypto world. The guess is as wrong as dodo but Eminem has 12 NFTs to his name. Recently, he bought a bored ape at 123.45ETH.

Though he never commented about it, he displayed the avatar of the picture on his Twitter account. It could be that he is impressed that the bored ape resembles him.

9: Gwyneth Paltrow

People who thought that NFTs are scams were disappointed when Paltrow bought hers. This is the first time Gwyneth is getting herself involved with crypto.

Thanks to Moonpay, the amount with which this celebrity bought her bored ape has not been revealed. But surely, it should be at a staggering price.

9: Neymar Jnr

Acquiring an ape with blown bubble gum on the mouth with 160 ether, Neymar tweeted, ”I am an ape”. With this tweet, he has joined the BAYC community.

10: Mark Cuban

This list would have been incomplete if there is a cutout business mogul. And that is where Mark comes in.

Though his NFT was a gift, he could have rejected it if there is no intrinsic value in the gift worth about $250,000. Mark has been advocating for cryptocurrencies for years now.


The ownership of NFTs is both an investment and a luxury to enjoy. These celebrities do not accumulate fun but as an investment vehicle.

According to Paul Graham on his twitter account, ”NFTs can be used for so many different things that you are inviting history to make fun of you if you dismiss them.”

What do you think of the article? Share your comments below. 

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