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ONERARE: Exploring the World’s First Metaverse For Food




Food is one essential part of growth in life and it has  a language of its own, a language that quenches hunger and gives nutrients and strength.

Everyone definitely has a special food that when it’s prepared, it excites them, making them feel on top of the world.

Food has grown from an item of consumption to an active conversation. Where we now have different food trends based on the consumer’s mindset and lifestyle. Different food workshops not just for cooking recipes, but for understanding food etiquettes. We have Food Styling & photography as well as cooking shows where  audiences are glued to food content.

As a way to celebrate food, OneRare is building the first tokenization layer in Web3 .0 creating an immersive & gamified experience for users worldwide.

OneRare is the world’s first Metaverse for the global Food & Beverage Industry.


OneRare have a foresight to create a unique gaming experience for food lovers  and at the same time aims to create a marketing channel for the global Food & Beverage Industry by:

  • Creating the next wave of Blockchain adoption with easy Gameplay that appeals to men & women, new gamers & oldtimers.
  • Bringing people, Chefs, Restaurants, popular Cooking Shows & Food Brands to the metaverse for the first time through NFTs and  giving them a wide platform to monetize and be active in the metaverse.
  • Curating a Food experience for metaverse projects in the form of special menus for game characters, and parties.
  • Applying  NFTs in real life,enabling  users to swap for meals & deals in restaurants worldwide.
  • Fighting world hunger by partnering with the F&B industry & Web3 projects to raise funds & awareness.

The founders of OneRare are  Supreet Raju and Gaurav Gupta. Supreet is a Graduate from NIFT, New Delhi with a decade of experience as a designer and educator. Gaurav Gupta is an Engineer who has worked in various product and marketing roles for Projects like Dash, Squads and Labster.


  • THE FARM: Is the play-to-Earn land where farmers grow ingredient crops and sell their ripe produce to  the kitchen where collectors can read recipes and combine ingredients to make (mint)  dishes.owners of  these ingredients and  dishes can battle in games.

In growing crops ,farmers can grow one crop at a time in the common farm area. And as the farm grows,they will also be able to buy plots of land and grow more crops as they want for more income. Once the crop is ripe and ready, farmers can take the NFTs to the farmer’s market for sale.

The Farm will also have environmental problems just like in real life that will alter supply chains. Droughts, excessive rains, tornadoes, global warming, and pest attacks can occur suddenly destroying a certain crop. This will cease farming of that particular ingredient for a duration (till the environment is resolved), and could cause a rise in the farmer’s market.

  • FARMERS MARKET : The OneRare farmer’s market is a marketplace with three different shops;  
  1. The first marketplace is for selling your farm produce, you get to showcase them and list them for sale. Once you set your desired price, it automatically goes on sale in the marketplace
  1. The second  OneRare  is a shop mainly for selling special Ingredients, those that cannot be farmed or manipulated . These Ingredients will be rarer in recipes and will have to be purchased exclusively from the shop. They will be fixed price, and collectors can buy multiple copies at the same time. The OneRare shop will also sell game elements for mini games..
  1.  Owners of third  OneRare dish NFTs can also list and resell their dishes at the farmer’s market. They can put up their minted editions for sale, and set their own prices.

Foodies & Collectors can go around the first and second  farmer’s market to shop  collecting ingredients as per their desired recipes, or buy minted dishes. 


The happening spot of  OneRare is the  foodverse, the OneRare kitchen displays different  dishes from across the world. Each dish has a list of Ingredients that need to be collected in order to claim the dish. 

For example, To claim the Chicken and Chips the player must collect Cooking Oil,Potatoes and Chicken.

Once the player successfully collects these ingredients, he can come back to the Kitchen and combine the recipe. The Ingredient NFTs from his wallet will be burnt to cook up the dish NFT. With the Dish NFT in his wallet, the player can then head to the playground and participate in our mini games.


As its name implies, Playground. It is a fun, interactive and entertainment arena  for players to come and battle in a growing series of games using their OneRare NFTs. 

The playground will host various kinds of Mini Games where players can participate using their Ingredient / Dish NFT to win NFT rewards and ORARE tokens.

The first drop of Playground games will feature two Mobile friendly games, Hippo Full and Foodtruck Wars. All you have to do to enjoy it is to visit the playground zone.

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OneRare kitchen engage with just two player groups; 

  • The Farmers
  • Collectors

They both have an infinite gaming loop and relate with the farmer’s market.Farmers can farm for ingredients and sell their ripe crops at the Farmer’s Market, earning  the ORARE tokens. They can use their earnings for in-game upgrades like skipping farming wait times, speeding up future farms, or buying more pieces of land. 


The native currency of the OneRare foodverse is ORARE, with multiple utilities within  the game ecosystem. Token holders can play, invest and also be part of the game in the following various ways :

  1. Players can buy & sell Ingredients and Dishes at the market using ORARE tokens and all transactions at the market will be facilitated by the ORARE token
  1. In-game upgrades our token will also allow for In-game upgrades that help players accelerate their gameplay, for example – paying ORARE to reduce the farming time of crops.
  1. Gameplay at the playground players can use ORARE tokens to participate in various games at the Playground, using it to enter contests, or enhance their gameplay like buying booster cards.

OneRare is more than just a game. It is a true Food Verse where brands and users can share common spaces for interaction and engagement. Brands get a unique opportunity to explore new ways to build a direct, customized, connection with users in a gamified set can see an actual use-case of their product as Ingredients, discover their actual in-house menu and dishes, and get to truly interact with food.

The token is currently on CoinMarketCap. Check it here.

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