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Lord Token- A French Cryptocurrency Powered by Binance Cloud



Lord Token is a France-based upcoming cryptocurrency powered by Binance-Cloud that aims to make investing accessible to all to make tokens sovereign.
Lord token is issued by the company Lord services which was founded in September 2020 by two young entrepreneurs; Nicolas Lefortier and François Denis, to operate a digital assets trading platform in France, in cooperation with Binance.
Lord Consulting signed a service agreement with Binance Cloud in July 2021 under which Binance Cloud undertook to develop and provide to Lord Consulting an Application Programming Interface (API) takes the shape of an interface titled “LordToken powered by BinanceCloud ”.
The service agreement Lord Consulting has with Binance Cloud contains a substitution clause enabling Lord Consulting to be substituted in the agreement by any other affiliated company of the group belonging to Messrs Nicolas Lefortier and François Denis.


Every project has its special selling point of attraction, that is what makes them different from the others. The services that will be provided by LTTokens are stated below.

However, the issuer of this token reserves the right to provide other services.

  • Crypto assets trading platform

The Lord Token interface will involve the provision of a trading application for the exchange of crypto assets. This service will be provided in cooperation with Binance Cloud.

It will also include the deployment and upkeep of the Lord Token Exchange Trading mobile application similar to that of Binance but with LordToken’s colors, editorial line, and premium customer service.

  • Social trading

There are currently many players operating on the social trading market, however, each of these players has taken a different approach to the market, with timelines that are sometimes long.
Therefore, Lord Services intended to provide its users with a “social trading” (or “copy trading”) service whereby its users will be able to allocate all or part of their digital assets portfolio to the real-time copying of the trades (i.e. buy and/or sell orders on digital assets) carried out by traders via the LordToken platform.

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  • LTT within the Lord Token has a similar role to that of BNB of Binance. A marketplace that makes it possible to take advantage of reduced cost on trades when performed via an interface.
  • Access to exclusive services such as Launchpad will be available by LTTtokens.It will be at the core of the Lord Token Ecosystem.
  • LTTtokens will enable investors wishing to carry out automated trading of their assets to save on social trading costs.
  • The token will also be given as a reward to the highest-performing traders.
  • The tokens will simplify the reaction of Lord Token customers through airdrops and will also be used to feed a membership program.
  • LTTtoken will make it possible to implement staking and burn operations.

Market Supply

Name of token: LTT
Decimals: 9
Standard: BEP20
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Date of Delivery of LTTtokens: 15 January 2022
Maximum quantity: 2,000,000,000 LTT
Monetary policy: The maximum quantity of LTT tokens is fixed and cannot be changed by Lord Services or by anyone else.

Schedule for using LTT tokens

The “LordToken” interface and the LTT tokens will be operational by 30 June 2022.


Lord Token have reached:

  • 57k followers on Twitter
  • 49k members on the telegram official channel
  • 15k on Facebook and all other social media platforms.

Lord token is focused to become a premium exchange offering quality customer service and creating an application that looks like Binance.

It’s aiming to democratize cryptocurrencies and financial services while trying to move forward hand in hand with regulators.

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