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Traditional Football Games: What aspects of the Game will become GameFi?




Football is a global sport and has created an industry of billions of dollars and in this article we shall explore what aspects can make it into GameFi

Sony’s PlayStation series 3, 4, and 5’s gaming hardware revenue amounted to 5 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2020. With the launch of PlayStation 5 in November 2020, the revenue from hardware sales is forecast to increase in the following years. 

Sony has broken its own financial first quarter profit records, with its Game & Network Services division (driven by PlayStation sales) also breaking its own revenue records for the same period.

Announced in Sony’s Q1 financial earnings report, the company’s operating profit rose to approximately $2.57 billion USD – a 26% rise year-on-year, and a record for the quarter.

That rise has been driven by increased demand for games and home entertainment during COVID-19 restrictions across the world.

With this increased demand for consoles and games, how should PlayStation respond to game development?

One of the most popular games on consoles are football games. 

EA Sports develops FIFA football games. It’s so far been so detailed in her delivery that recently, it’s quite difficult to identify actual player pictures and simulations to actual real life events. 

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Konami, which develops the PES football game, has done so much of a great job that gamers argue they are developing for the future of football gaming.

However, these games still don’t have a play to earn structure. How can they pivot to get into play to earn gaming?


  1. Football Progress (Master League): These game options offer continued play where gamers can develop a team through the years acting as managers. This structure can be pivoted into a play to earn structure.

    When players continue their play for a long time, they win trophies, get revenue for the team they are managing. An easy pivot point is to have such progress converted to NFTs and that can be tradable into other tokens.


  1. Player Ratings: While game play allows managers to accumulate revenue and growth in trophies. The players also increase their ability and in some cases, they become profoundly good so that they can be used by users in alternate games.

    Will it be possible for such player growth to be converted to NFTs for the players to exchange for tokens?


  1. Player Celebration: Cristiano Ronaldo has a very different team celebration for his goals. A lot of players also have different beautiful celebrations for when they score a goal.

    Can players/gamers develop their own goal celebrations and then make NFTs that can be exchanged among players to gain some tokens? The staking model might be excellent for this. 


This doesn’t dictate an exhaustive list of all that’s possible in football gaming. It mentions some ideas that can be worked on.

However, as always we would be rather surprised by what is eventually done to get football gaming to become a play to earn model. 


What do you think of this article? Share your comments below. 

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