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MathWallet Foundation Announces $1M Fund to GameFi Projects 



The MathWallet Global Foundation has announced a $1 million Fund incentive program to accelerate the growth of GameFi. 


The MathWallet Global Foundation has announced a $1 million Fund incentive program to accelerate the growth of GameFi. 

GameFi or play to earn has been growing increasingly and the concept is changing how people interact with games.

Prior to the explosive surge in the creation of GameFi, gamers would hardly earn from participating in the growth of their various favorite games, but the introduction of cryptocurrency has transformed or changed how people look at games.

Focusing on GameFi innovations and facilitating its growth MathWallet Foundation will provide wallet support, technical support and other services to play to earn products. 

The decentralized wallet provider said it recently launched a new SimpleWallet protocol focusing on supporting mobile games on Ethereum Virtual Machine EVM chains and on Solana. 

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Speaking on the incentive program,  Frank Fu, CEO of Math Global Foundation, said

“We are very pleased to see the hot development of GameFi fields.We are looking forward to cooperating and investing in various projects in the Game and DeFi fields. Promote the overall Blockchain Game and DeFi field development.“

The foundation calls for and welcomes  product creators to take advantage of the incentive program and build.
It said “the Blockchain experience of MathWallet users and the elimination of barriers to entry of the Blockchain Game for new cryptocurrency users are very important. 

The play to earn market is growing incredibly with various products shipping weekly and announcing huge amounts of capital raised.

As a defining innovation bringing in people into the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, the MathWallet Global Foundation wants to spur rapid development in the ecosystem and engender growth.

Any games integrated with the protocol can apply for MathGrant. For details, check


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