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GameFi: Top 3 Play to Earn Games on Solana Network



Play-to-earn games are buzzing, why?
This innovative craft has changed the order of gaming to a more engaging creative on a decentralized chain where you can own gaming avatars as NFTs, follow a fascinating storyline, and get tradable rewards.
Blockchain Technology brought a decentralized innovative phase into the world of creatives. There are several Blockchain protocols, each topping an extra to make their system stand out.
Solana is a decentralized blockchain, designed to give an extra to developers with its low cost and censorship-resistant network..
On the Solana blockchain are more than 11 play-to-earn games.
Here are the Top 3 play to earn games on Solana Network.


SolChicks is a fantasy game built on the Solana blockchain as one of the first NFT-driven gaming platforms on the network.

With over 60k community members on Telegram.

The game is designed around the SolChick NFT collectibles, where the SolChicks become the player’s avatar on the gaming Metaverse.
Each SolChick has attributes carefully designed by expert developers layered to become one of the most revolutionary NFT gaming platforms with a fully integrated gaming Metaverse and amazing features.
The play to earn; P2E and PvP model is set, to reward the gamers’ commitment and time in the ecosystem.

SolChick has about 8+ core members and extensive partnerships with most leading blockchain institutions.

The SolChick platform To-Do

  • Buy and sell SolChick with the community
  • Breed adorable SolChicks to unlock rare traits
  • Create collections and earn rewards
  • Get to the SolChick universe and game

$CHICKS IDO coming up on 26th November 2021 at 2 pm UTC.


The platform is on a mission to lure gamers into the Blockchain space through gaming by becoming the skill-based GameFi project.
On the Nyan gaming platform, you can go on a shooter-style battle Royale and control your own unique Nyan.
Take up quests, win battles, complete missions and earn $CTNP.
To stake and earn passively on the platform, you send out your NyanHeroes on an expedition to earn $CTNP or $NYN

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StarAtlas is a play-to-earn game with 3 creative gaming moods that let players gain a competitive edge by simply formulating their strategy, and overcoming opponents.

On the StarAtlas marketplace, items like ships, mining equipment, and collectibles purchased can be set to go on ship missions, claim land around the Metaverse and build out-mining operations.
Assets claimed on the Metaverse could be used as in-game inventory owned only by the player and utilized for trading or to build a career in the space
Accumulate wealth by earning medals to display on your avatar rank up on the StarAtlas leaderboard.
StarAtlas partners with notable blockchain networks, thriving on the shoulders of 15+ team members with four core team leads spearheading the Metaverse and working to integrate more innovative designs.
“Star Atlas will provide the most powerful opportunity in human history for players to realize economic benefits through the extraction of in-game virtual earnings into real-world income.” – Michael Wagner, CFA – Star Atlas, CEO.

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