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Bantu Network – The Rise of the African Vision




Africa has once upon a time been the center of innovation. Africa is home to one of the cradles of civilization yet, for a long time now, the continent has been setbacked. 

The once glorious and thriving community bound by society sustaining culture and ideals has been slowing washing away due to various factors such as wars, hunger, diseases and poverty. 

Despite the challenges and/or limitations which the African continent has faced over the years, Africa is a continent filled with great potential in various disciplines, the continent is home to many markets. Aside other factors of production, Africa boasts of a unique class of natives.

The ones whose creativity, culture, aspirations, competences are inextricably tied to the African dream. These are the ones changing the face and faith of the African people. 

Introducing the Bantu Blockchain Foundation 

The Bantu Blockchain Foundation (BBF) is a non-profit entity that develops blockchain-based financial inclusion solutions to help address Africa’s unique challenges.

The BBF is championed by Africans building the Bantu ecosystem with the vision of making Bantu the largest distributed network infrastructure with the most decentralized governance model for wealth creation and economic sovereignty for humanity.

The Bantu Network 

The Bantu Network is an advanced and highly scalable blockchain platform designed to make it possible for instant and secure transfer of value, swap and trading of digital assets. Companies can easily connect to the Bantu Network via its API. 

The Core Features of Bantu Network 

Bantu network is a highly scalable platform that combines the best attributes of top blockchains and DLTs such as speed, security, reliability. It also adds what it calls the human element that economically empowers every network participants while lowering entry cost.

The Core features are:

  • Real time settlement of 2-5 seconds. Over 15,000 TPS. 
  • Highly secured cryptographically using Elliptic-curve cryptography. 
  • Global reach with single integration with effective asset control options. 
  • Low cost. Ability to process over 100,000 for less than $0.01.
  • Support for smart contracts and regulatory AML/KYC Compliance support.
  • Built-in Currency and digital asset Decentralized Exchange.

The Bantu Network Tools and Services 

The Bantu Network has revealed it will go live with several tools and services that will enable users to access the full functionality of the network and ecosystem from the beginning. These are:

  • Bantu Token – Bantu is the native token of the Bantu network. It is a utility token and serves as the currency fees are paid on the network. 
  • The BantuPay Wallet – It’s a noncustodial wallet to enable users securely hold, transfer, receive, swap and trade digital assets. 
  • BantuTalk Forum 
  • Bantu Dashboard 
  • Bantu Laboratory – The Bantu lab allows developers perform tests on mainnet and testnet. 
  • Bantu Node Viewer – A tool for viewing all the servers and devices contributing to the Bantu network. 
  • Bantu Token Creator – A tool enabling anyone to quickly create and distribute digital assets effortlessly without coding abilities. 
  • Bantu Decentralized Exchange – An highly secured platform for the trading of digital assets. 

The Bantu Blockchain Foundation is on a mission to empower humanity across all industry sectors, both in the public Abe private using blockchain and other 4th industrial Revolution (IR) technologies. It’s expected to go live soon. 

Access resources here 

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