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Roqqu Partners with Bantu Blockchain 



  • Roqqu aims to tap into the global remittance business through the Bantu Network
  • Roqqu will list the Bantu token XBN on its platform. 


We are pleased to announce a partnership with Bantu, a blockchain platform recently collaborating with Visa for card issuance in global remittance. The union focuses on bringing financial services to the unbanked and underbanked populations throughout Africa.

This partnership will expand our reach by complementing our future feature roll-outs using their blockchain platform. 

At Roqqu, we believe that every African should be financially included. We want to enable people to send money across borders quickly and use financial services that were previously inaccessible due to high costs or geographic limitations.

With the launch of our first blockchain solution and a series of new upcoming blockchain-based ideas, we are helping bring these dreams to reality.

Our first product on the Bantu blockchain network will pay much attention to accessible global remittance services. We want people in Africa to easily send money to friends and family in other countries while avoiding the complex web of paperwork and fees associated with traditional international remittance players.

We do this by leveraging Blockchain technology to ensure transparency and trust between sky-high users. 

Roqqu will continue to leverage Blockchain technology to build some of the most exciting and innovative blockchain-based technologies that will surprise our users.

Bantu token 

xBantu is the native and official currency of the Bantu Network, a blockchain ecosystem dedicated to connecting the African digital economy. The utility coin enables developers and businesses to access the suite of products offered by the Bantu Network.

xBantu will serve as fuel for all transactions on the network, including payment of transaction fees and execution of smart contracts.

The XBN token will be listed today, 26th March, on Roqqu and available to Roqquians; there’s a high flock of new users on Roqqu who register, deposit  BTC, sell and withdraw.

We are thrilled to partner with a company that has been working hard to create a network that allows anyone, anywhere, the access to build Innovative technologies with better tools, making it easy for more individuals to access financial services.

Roqqu X Bantu 

The Bantu blockchain network operates with its native asset/token: xBantu. The coin will enable its users to execute transactions on the web and pay fees in XBN. One unit of the Bantu Token is one Spirit. 1 Spirit = 0.0000001 XBN. 

Our association intends to build a network that will empower people to create wealth and build economic independence. They are building tools that help entrepreneurs, software developers, and engineers work better and together by giving them the tools they need to develop superior machines.


Because we have a lot in store for our users, this partnership opens the gate for many more awesome features. 

Welcome to another Dispensation of Expansion. Roqqu X Bantu

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[…] Roqqu Partners with Bantu Blockchain  […]

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