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BCAT Africa: Reducing Unemployment in Africa



One of the greatest lines spoken in the Spiderverse is “with great power comes great responsibility”, although it can be traced to ancient times. This line resonates, even more, when we look at human society.

Those with great powers whether earned, by nature, or by a democratic election are looked up to protect, preserve and promote those that are less powerful.

Africa, a continent of over 1.2 billion people is home to huge resources which continues to power industries and sustainable economies across the globe.

Africa however rich is not as developped as other regions of the world. There are a lot of challenges Africans face and in this article, we shall be examining the largest African nation in the world by population – Nigeria. 

Nigeria is the largest African nation by population and has a lot of resources, both natural, and human. A nation of over 200 million people, pushing daily to get better and lead & leave a better life for themselves, and those before them.

The nation is filled with overflowing intelligence and wisdom, however, it is beset by a lot of challenges, one of which is unemployment.

With over 300 tertiary institutions including private and public ones spread across the country, Nigeria’s educational system graduates hundreds of thousands of young Nigerians into the labor market yearly. And in the same year, millions are given admission into these schools.

The joy of getting admission into choice schools and graduating from the same soon turned into gloom for many young Nigerians who have passed through the educational system.

Why? Unemployment!

A nation of over 200 million people according to statistics by the National Bureau of Statistics has an unemployment rate of 33.3%. What this means is that for every 3 Nigerians out there, 1 is unemployed.

To drive further the problem young Nigerians face in Nigeria, the law of the land defines youth as an individual between the ages of 18 – 35. The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics puts youth unemployment at the rate of 42.5%. Underemployed Nigerians stand at the rate of 22.8% according to the Bureau.

For a nation with a high young population, the numbers are scary to look at considering the economic reality in the country – the high inflation rate according to the CBN and Bureau of Statistics is over 15%.

There is also a problem with public universities in the country. Industrial actions have long been a challenge for public school students in the country. As of the date of publication, University students have been out of school for over 80 days.

The question that comes is what is the future for the young Nigerians?

For many, hope lies in exploiting opportunities on the internet. The internet has created a global marketplace where anyone can trade easily. However, not everyone knows of these opportunities, and how to get them. This is why BCAT AFRICA exist


BCAT Africa is an awareness and educational campaign with the purpose of bringing awareness of the opportunities in the digital space to Africans – Nigerians. BCAT Africa wants to empower Africans (Nigerians) by exposing them to the multitudes on the internet and guiding them through building long-lasting careers.

BCAT since its inception has been able to reach out to over 60,000 Africans, helping to bring the knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency to them.

On the internet are many opportunities, especially in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry where Nigeria dominates as one of the largest holders and traders of cryptocurrencies, opportunities are numerous from sales, to product developments, designers, product managers, social media managers, community managers, customer services, consultancy, reporters, writers, etc

Unemployment is a major challenge in Nigeria and across the African continent. BCAT Africa wants to empower young people to grow and be the best versions of themselves and then together create a prosperous society where unemployment will be greatly reduced.

Binance BCAT Africa 2022

BCAT Africa is set again to help empower the next sets of Africans through its 2022 Tour which is set to commence from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria on the 4th of June, 2022.

The BCAT Africa 2022 South East event will be held at Amadeo Event Center, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria.

The event will feature speakers from across the continent to share their wealth of knowledge, and wisdom with the multitudes of attendees, and help raise the next set of innovators, business leaders, and industry giants that will transform the African continent.

Register for the event here.

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