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Pornhub & PayPal: A Case Against Financial Censorship; for Crypto



No. 1 internet provider of pornographic contents Pornhub has revealed payment giant PayPal has abruptly stop processing its payment.
According to Pornhub, it is devastated by the decision of PayPal to stop payouts to over a hundred thousand performers who rely on them for their livelihoods.
The movement by PayPal has caused problems in the business of Pornhub which relies on the payment firm to process payments for its models spread across the world.
Pornhub has advised its Models to select new payout methods so as to be able to receive payments.
Also, for those who had payments pending in the month of October are advised to immediately reach out to support and by the end of the week, payments will begin going out.
Pornhub apologizes for any delay the move by PayPal may have caused and gave assurance payouts will be processed as fast as possible as it had staff working around the clock.
Censorship has been a strong topic globally, abruptly suspending or terminating a service without prior notification(s) is disastrous for any business utilizing such service.
As a centralized financial entity, PayPal could be pressured to do whatever pleases the ‘State’ or do whatever it likes according to an ‘updated terms of service’. But a true decentralized financial system that requires no government backing to be functional will be able to function however the pressure.
Bitcoin and crypto in general is and remains the answer to the many problems faced by those who are disadvantaged by things like this.
It’s peer-to-peer means of exchange excludes the ability for anyone to violate the financial sovereignty of an individual.
Though Pornhub now accepts cryptocurrency with its partnership with Verge last year, it is still faced with the issue of adoption by its models.
While cryptocurrency is the way forward as financial firms overbearingly censor people, organizations, the rate of adoption still remains the challenge which most people in the industry pushing for.
While some people may write crypto off, Anthony Pompliano has the perfect response, It will be a mistake to evaluate Bitcoin and crypto based on what it is today


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