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What is NFTNG?



In Africa, web 3 is a fairly new and fast growing idea. The technology promises a free, open, and decentralized society. It has given Africans a chance to compete on equal grounds with the rest of the developed world.

Over the years, new blockchain firms have emerged, enabling and inspiring new ways of solving existing problems and unlocking more value. Africa is currently the world’s one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency markets, attracting major investment with Nigeria leading amongst top 5 globally for NFT searches based on Google search. 

This article focuses on one of the biggest native NFT communities from Africa and shows how to acquire their NFT. 

What is NFTNG?

NFTNG is a African blockchain startup with focus on the NFT market to empower the next generation of African builders, creatives, and creative thinkers while also bringing NFTs and blockchain technology to the attention of the mainstream public and community.

It also intends to foster a close-knit web3 community that will benefit from one another and add value to the ecosystem. Inform the general public about the limitless prospects that blockchain technology may provide and the necessity of broad adoption.

NFTNG was founded by individuals with a common aim of boosting web3 adoption and developing the next generation of African Web3 builders, creatives, and thought leaders.

Components Of NFTNG

  1. Merchandise: The NFTNG merchandise is a selection of apparel that includes; T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, button pins, and Caps. This merch celebrates African culture and the creativity found in the African Web3 Space.

By wearing these merchandise, users may proudly represent their membership in the African Web3 and NFTNG communities. 


  1. NFTNG Pass: The NFTNG Project’s principal advantage is the NFTNG pass. Holders of the NFTNG pass have early access to merchandise at reduced pricing. Additionally, it gives owners early access to various goods and services developed by the NFTNG team.

Interestingly, this pass entitles owners to exclusive entry to additional NFTNG events and the Webthree Buzz event (the first-ever exclusive Web3 event taking place in Lagos, Nigeria, in November 2022). In addition, the NFTNG pass holders are also given early preferential access to the reduced products.


How to buy NFTNG Pass / NFT on Opensea 

  1. Go to  OpenSea and search for the item “NFTng pass”
  2. Scroll down to choose your preferred NFT, then click “Buy now.” You will be asked to add to your cart items.

Click on the “cart items” to complete your purchase.

3. Select your preferred means of purchase.

4. Connect with metamask and complete your purchase.

Closing Thoughts

Nigeria is one of the largest markets for cryptocurrencies in the world and NFT represents a means to create more value and enrich the Nigerian and African market. With innovative products, and use cases, NFTs can help to expand possibilities and unlock opportunities for players in the entertainment, sports, arts, real estate and finance markets. 


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