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NFTNG partners with crypto media, CryptoTvplus 




  • NFTNG has partnered with CryptoTvplus, a blockchain, and cryptocurrency with global coverage to further its vision for the NFT ecosystem.
  • NFT NG is a blockchain firm operating in the NFT industry with a vision of empowering the next sets of builders, creatives, & thought leaders from the African community and helping to bring NFTs and blockchain technology to the attention of the mainstream audience & community.
  • The firm wants to create a tight-knit web3 community that will thrive off each other and bring value to the ecosystem. 
  • CryptoTvplus is a leading media company reporting on the happenings in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, giving insightful market analysis, hosting interviews, and driving blockchain adoption via education.
  • We are always working to push the boundaries of possibilities. NFT has brought with it a lot of opportunities, and we love working with brands to continue shining the lights on the many opportunities and innovations in the NFT industry” – CEO of CryptoTvplus, Tony Emeka
  • At NFTNG we believe in excellence, community and collaboration. What we do reflect this. We are pleased to be working with one of the best media companies in the web3 space & we believe we can achieve our goals by working together.” Momoh Kingsley, Founder, NFTNG
  • The NFT industry has seen huge growth in the past one year, and despite the current market sentiment many traditional and web2 businesses are taking interest and position in the industry.
  • NFTNG and CryptoTvplus want to explore this growing trend and work to unlock and educate creators, builders and inform same of the opportunities in the industry. 



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