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zKsync unveils ZK Nation to boost growth & governance



zKsync introduces 'ZK Nation,' a new initiative aimed at drive growth and promoting decentralized governance within the blockchain community.

Blockchain scaling solution, zKsync, has introduced ‘ZK Nation,’ a community-driven initiative aimed at governing, defending, and expanding the ZKsync protocol.

According to zKsync, this new venture aligns with the ZK Credo’s vision of promoting freedom and driving deliberate innovation.

ZK Nation seeks to build a decentralized future using zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs to create a scalable, secure, and verifiable blockchain network.

Since its mainnet launch in March 2023, zKsync asserts that it has shown its capability to scale Ethereum, delivering high throughput and low fees while supporting interoperable ZK Chains. 

The protocol has experienced rapid growth, now boasting over 6 million wallet addresses and validating more than 350 million transactions.

zKsync aims to advance digital autonomy through cryptographic methods and blockchain technology. The protocol believes its foundation of integrity and security can drive this innovative leap, to provide digital liberation to billions.

At the core of ZK Nation is a thorough governance structure aimed at achieving both social and technical decentralization.

The ZKsync protocol token empowers holders to propose, discuss, and vote on protocol updates and network modifications, facilitating an inclusive and democratic decision-making process. 

This governance framework is built around three key on-chain entities: the Token Assembly, Security Council, and Guardians, each crucial for maintaining the protocol’s robustness and integrity.  

In other news, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is pushing to embed a cutting-edge “zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine” (ZK-EVM) right into the Ethereum blockchain.

The Token Assembly allows token holders to delegate their voting power or vote directly. This body is responsible for proposing and approving measures that govern the protocol, ensuring all stakeholders have a voice in its development. 

The Guardians uphold the principles of the ZK Credo, empowered to veto decisions, execute emergency measures, and ensure the protocol adheres to its foundational values. According to ZK Nation, at least five individuals will serve as Guardians initially, with more details to be disclosed later.

The Security Council, composed of skilled engineers, auditors, and cybersecurity specialists, will protect the protocol’s technical integrity.

This council has the authority to halt the protocol in the face of threats and implement critical updates. Initially, it will consist of 12 international experts dedicated to maintaining the protocol’s strength and security.

zkSync plans to reveal details about the protocol delegation process, token allocation, and ways to contribute in the coming weeks.

The protocol calls on developers, innovators, and freedom advocates to join this community-driven effort. They believe uniting under the zk Credo will preserve the integrity of the zkSync ecosystem in the long term.

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