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Create, Fight, Socialise, and Earn in the MOMOverse Metaverse 



MOMOverse is a 3D cross-platform metaverse that brings gamers, developers, content creators as well as collectors together. As each of these individuals connects and participates in various activities on the platform, they are rewarded accordingly.

MOBOX started in November 2021. After a lot of activities, feedback and development, they relaunched the MOMOverse in April 2022 on Binance Smart Chain. This brings a lot of options and modes for users to enjoy ranging from FreetoPlay to PlayToEarn and more.

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How Does MOMOverse Work?

In the MOMOverse is the MOprofession component, where players are allowed to choose the role they want to play in the MOMOverse. From being a collector to a farmer, shopkeeper, or builder… players can opt for the best option they want.

Since it’s a creative ecosystem, there is also a need for a MOmarket, the official marketplace for MOMOplayers where NFTs are bought and sold seamlessly using the in-game token. With this, players can earn money from whatever they create in the ecosystem. 

In this market, purchase orders will be at 0% fees, while sell orders will cost a 5% fee. 1.5% of this 5% fee will go to the reward pool, 2.5% will go into the auto buyback and burn pool mechanism while 1% will be sent to the MOMOverse treasury.

MOMOverse is made to house multiple games at a time thereby creating a MOMOsocial. This gives users a lot of options to play and connect. Examples of such games are ChainZ Arena, MOland Defense, Block Brawler, and Token Master.

When you collect NFTs you want to show them off and that is why MOseum was created. It accommodates NFTs from other platforms as well. Hence, no limitations. MOland allows players to create a team to conquer lands while MOBOX Creator platform to design assets that can be displayed in the MOMOverse.

There is also MOMOhome that is built by each avatar in the MOMOland. Attached to the MOMOhomes can be town halls and each player can pay a visit to the other in their MOMOhomes building, a virtual community in the MOMOverse.

Tokenomics of the MOMOverse Project

MBOX token is the primary token of the MOMOverse. As of July 25, 2022, the All-Time High and All-Time Low are $15.68 and $0.4751 respectively. This token will be used for:

  • In-game purchases: Players with MBOX token can buy additional characters, lottery wheel, and will be rewarded with the token as they play and earn;
  • Governance: Holders of the MBOX token are permitted to vote on the development decisions of the project.
  • Liquidity mining: Here, users will stake MOBOX tokens in several pools while they earn as proceeds accrue. Anyone can also stake this token for a chance to win MOMO NFT Mystery Boxes.

The MOBOX team planned a burning mechanism that started in April 2022, where about 224,861,935 MBOX tokens will be burned. In addition to previously burnt tokens, the total number of burnt tokens will be up to 240,000,000 MBOX. One major reason behind the burning of tokens is to create scarcity which can cause an increase in the value of the asset.

Roadmap and Team Behind the MOMOverse Project 

The first two quarters of 2022 were planned to have the MOMOverse Alpha Test, partnership with Studio Games, MOMOverse official launch, listings on exchanges, the release of a roadmap for MOMOverse phase two, and launch of METAfund Launchpad Project.

In Q3 and Q4 of 2022, we should expect the release of the METAfund report, DAG Smart Contracts, technical details of the MOBOX Chain; and integration of projects supported by METAfund into the MOBOX ecosystem.

There is no distinct description of the founders behind the MOMOverse however, the team has been in the dApp industry since 2018 and has been responsible for over $4 billion across dApp projects.

MOMOverse looks promising with good partnerships and a road map created to give the taking world a virtual experience with economic benefits. Always remember to carry out good research before investing in projects.

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