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Starl Metaverse; Create, Socialize, Explore Space in the P2E Metaverse Platform 



Almost all crypto projects are released with prior notice amongst crypto communities to boost marketing and sales before the release date. But for Starl token, it wasn’t so. No pre-sale or announcement, it took a stealth launch process. However, some members of the crypto space bought the token with much fate on the brain behind it, Woof Decentra.

Woof Decentra finally announced the release of the token as the primary driver of the Starl Ecosystem after the positive response received from the crypto community.

The announcement showed that the project was going to be a fully decentralized project that is community-driven. Moe Larson, who is a developer, joined forces with Wood Decentra to have Starl as a metaverse project providing more utilities and advantages for users in the virtual world.

What is STARL Metaverse?

Starl Metaverse is an immersive 3D virtual world that offers exploration, discovery, and creation for Web3 users. This will cover gaming, creation, and collection of virtual items, trading as well as socializing in the metaverse.

It was developed to take advantage of the current global reality of the development of online connectivities with blockchain technology. Starl metaverse will combine fun and economic activities for gamers, creators, collectors, as well as investors.

Features of Starl Metaverse

Starl metaverse was started by a large community of Web3 developers and enthusiasts after Woof Decentra launched it. The foundation of the metaverse project is a Play-to-Earn model that allows users to earn while performing activities in the ecosystem.

Starl Marketplace

Starl Market functions like every other NFT marketplace. In it, users can buy, sell, and in-game items as well as manage and exchange SATE NFTs, Virtual Real Estate, and other assets. All activities carried out in the Starl marketplace will be done using the Starl token.

Because Starl metaverse is a space-based ecosystem, Satellite NFTs are integrated into the system. They can be purchased from the Starl Marketplace, and have rewards accrued to each depending on the category of the Satellite. Also, these Satellites are used as digital advertising spaces where arts can be displayed.

Living Modules 

These are the real estate owned by users of the platform. Owners of Living Modules can store items in it, customize it, and use it as a display zone for their NFTs. They can be rented out for profit to other players in the Starl Metaverse.


DAOs are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations that exist on blockchain platforms. They are given the responsibility to make decisions related to the development of any project. In Stark Metaverse, there is a DAO that does that.

Games will be launched on the Starl ecosystem making it a launchpad as well. Warp Nexus is the first game to be launched on the platform. It was developed by Wyrmbite Studios. In this game, players can use the $STARL token to build and modify ships, hire other pilots, and carry out other activities in Warp Nexus.

All the functionalities and tools of the Starl metaverse are built using Unreal Engine (Unity real-time video game engine). Although when the platform was being developed, it was not on Unreal Engine technology. With this mechanism, the VR experience of players from graphics, to avatar locomotion and other display modes, is immersive.

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Tokenomics of Starlktoken

$STARL is the main currency and utility token used in the STARL Metaverse. It’s built with the ERC-20 model and has a total supply of 10 trillion. With it, anyone can buy virtual assets, upgrades, and services within the STARL ecosystem.

Not just that all of the $STARL tokens are in circulation, the initial liquidity and contract ownership are burned making it impossible for any STARL token to be minted again. And all of the tokens have always been in public from the beginning of the project.

For the Starl team, there are no token unlocks for private investors, no tax fee, no pre-sale, no dev token wallet, and 20.8 billion tokens have been burned. The project is community-driven with struck transparency.

Challenges and Road Map of Starltoken

Metaverse projects like MetagamZ, Immutable X, Seedify and BlokPad stand as good competitors in the metaverse-launchpad space. This stands as one of the challenges Starl metaverse will face.

The development roadmap for Starl world has completed the first mission. It involved website launch, the release of Whitepaper, the development of the community, and other projects. The second phase of the road map is on, and will have the launch of Starl marketplace, onboarding of Unreal Engine Metaverse, 2nd NFT Auction etc.

The third and fourth missions are about Side game Developments, Metaverse Development – Character Customization upgrades and expansion and expansion (for desktop PC, Mac, and mobile apps), and STARL DAO Development.

You can see the team apart from Wood Decentra and Moe Larson that have been mentioned earlier. The STARL ecosystem is a remarkable project considering the launch process and development. More projects are expected to launch on the platform as it gives the blockchain community a platform to own, play, create, socialize, and earn.


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