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MoonPay launches NFT platform with Fox Corporation and Universal Pictures



The Crypto start-up, MoonPay has partnered with Fox Corporation Universal Pictures, Death Row Records, owned by Snoop Dogg, and other brands to launch the NFT platform, HyperMint.

Hypermint is a tool launched to help the NFT market scale activities in terms of minting and other procedures that took so much time to accomplish. The aim is to help big organizations get into the NFT market and still serve the large audience they have without any challenge.

And for brands like Universal Pictures, and Fox with huge assetsa huge assets in terms of community and intellectual properties, this will present a good opportunity to expand into the blockchain market while preserving the value it’s been offering.

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Entertainment Industry and the NFT Marketplace

Before now, global brands like Nike, Gucci, and the National Football League, have shown a great preference for the use of NFTs. The 2024 Olympics in Paris might see the use of NFTs as tickets for the event. So much more is happening in the space because of the utility and value NFTs offer.

For celebrities, the situation is not different. Snoop Dogg is known to be one the biggest celebrity players in the NFT and metaverse worlds. And just last month, MoonPay added alongside Snoop Dogg, more than 60 celebrities as investors in a project fund that was orchestrated by Tiger Global and Coatue.

Soto-Wright, the Co-Founder and CEO of MoonPay related that the essence of NFTs is beyond just collecting them. Anyone can integrate any value into it and at any time. And beyond having this NFT service available, Soto reiterated that there are plans to make the payment service of MoonPay available to the masses.

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