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Blockchain Enables you to Build New Types of Innovative Products – Chuta Chimezie



Having been involved in the tech and blockchain industry for a while, Chuta Chimezie, the Founder of BNUG, Blockchain Nigeria User Group, spoke on Choosing a Career Path at the Binance-BCAT event. The Technologist started by saying that “Technology is an instrument and tool for building and solving problems”, making it an asset that anyone can use in today’s world. And for Africans, it’s a necessary tool for creating the world we want to see.

On the global scale, while many still think that a commodity like oil is the most valuable asset, Chuta explained that data is, and this he linked with technology. Although he agrees that Africa has not used it so well, technology and blockchain are a leveller for anyone on the continent, especially young people.

Chuta opines that with blockchain, a lot of Africans are being taken and will be taken out of poverty, because the blockchain industry is one such that has permitted Africans to earn money at the same level as other nationalities without leaving home.

He gave examples of the salary range of blockchain developers and other professionals on the continent. “Blockchain gives you the opportunity to rebuild new products, new services,” the Africa Lead at BlockSpace said, and “new kinds of businesses.”

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Work Opportunities in the Blockchain Industry

Mr. Chuta related that apart from becoming a developer, there are various career opportunities in the blockchain industry. Some of these opportunities include Blockchain UX/UI Designer, Forensic Expert, Product Designer, Legal Consultant, and more.

And for employment chances, government, startups, banks, and other non-techy businesses are perfect spots since technology is penetrating all industries. Lastly, he advised that training, certifications, constant learning, and joining a community are major steps anyone can take to be part of the blockchain space.

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The BCAT Africa program was planned to expose millions of people to the opportunities in the digital space, with a focus on blockchain, and empowering them with the right knowledge and skills to live better lives.


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