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OKX Pledges to Hire More Staff



OKX, formally OKex, has announced that they will be hiring more people into their team despite the downward trend experienced in the crypto market.

The entire crypto market as of June has lost about $2 trillion in value with Bitcoin shading off up to 50% of its value this year. And this has driven a lot of panic amongst investors and the global crypto community consisting of buyers, sellers, users, and organizations.

Within this same period, brands like Bitpanda,, Bitso, Buenbit, BlockFi, and Coinbase have laid off staff members to ease the stress of the loss.

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Philosophy of the OKX Brand

OKX, like Binance, is amongst very few crypto firms that are making announcements to hire more people to work with them at this time. The plan according to the team is “to grow our workforce by 30% and hire 1,500 new employees globally within the next year.”

Being aware of the current trends, the team behind the brand that has been in operation for about 5 years has experienced times like this before. And they have come to realize that years of high volatility like “Mt. Gox, Bitcoin forks, and common downtimes on top exchanges and trading platforms” have helped to make the industry more mature, and the team stronger.

The team stands strong in its view of the industry. “Crypto is a fundamental technological revolution that has the power to make human life much better,” they explained.

“That is why today, our leadership team is more confident in crypto than at any point in the past 10 years. It’s this long-term vision that has always been the foundation of our shared success.”

You can apply for their jobs here.

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