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DTTCoin Exchange: Driving Crypto Adoption through Crypto Trading Education



There are more than 18,000 cryptocurrencies traded on more than 380 exchanges globally with a lot of features and options given to users. Citizens of nations have clamored for this change shown by the massive adoption in places like Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Kenya, and Nigeria. And these countries are the top six nations in terms of crypto adoption in 2022.

However, there is still so much work to be done. The fear of losing assets due to unregulated platforms is part of what needs to be addressed to foster more adoption. Some platforms like Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, and Kraken are centralized exchanges that have driven adoption although not with full regulations.

DTT Group is a global brand that has set out a vision to drive more adoption of crypto with regulations put in place to ease entry. And their product is DTT (Direct Trading Technologies) Coins.

What is DTTCoins?

DTT Coins is a multifaceted trading platform created by DTT Group to help everyday crypto users trade and get the best ROI on their investment. This will be done in a safe platform that is regulated by global policies to secure the assets of users.

DTT Group, has been in the business of the global financial market for more than 19 years in 6 countries.

Features of DTTCoins

The vision of DTTCoins is beyond the creation of an exchange. It goes further to develop tools that will guide anyone in the platform at any time to make the right reading decision.

Some of its unique features are as follows:

  • Education System

DTTCoins is tackling one of the most challenging factors of using crypto-related services: lack of education. Every week, according to the website, a webinar will be held to keep users up to date with the crypto world as well as understand what crypto investing is all about.

The sessions are meant to last for an hour and of course, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions based on their challenges and problems. And this is free.

  • Access to DTT Signals

Signals are professionally detected “strategy of action” created to help traders make good profit in a bearish and bullish market alike. They are done by humans or trading bots. On DTTCoins, users will get this for free.

  • 24hrs Support System

The crypto market never sleeps, unlike the Forex market which shuts down on weekends and resumes on Monday. So there will always be customers awake to use the DTTCoin platform. Knowing this, the team has designed a “round-the-clock” support system to aid users at any time.

  • Regulations and Policies

DTTCoins have taken care of the fear due to lack of regulations and this was done by registering with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, one of the most trusted institutions in the world. Its FCA NO is 795892.

It is also registered under Vanuatu Financial Services Commission at the Republic of Vanuatu, with registration NO 40169.

Other features include access to a multilingual response structure, access to a large range of products, quick execution rate, no commission on transactions, very low spread, and free DTT plus. Then, there is a free crypto wallet for all users and anyone can trade more than 100 coins on the platform.

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Challenges of DTTCoins

DTTCoin represents a solution to a need in the global crypto market, however, it has some challenges to overcome on the road to massive adoption.

One of these challenges is competition. Binance, Hotcoin Global, and Mandala Exchange have trading volumes of $15.95b, $10.13b, and $9.59b respectively. Binance has more than 28m users as of October 2021.

For DTTCoins to get such a user base, then its services must be better or at least as super as the top operating exchanges, and be innovative in its approach towards customer acquisition, and retention.

Another weak side of DTTCoin is its social engagement. Of course, the project just started and will need time to meet up with such demands. A good and dedicated team on social media marketing will be important to drive adoption. Binance has that more than any other exchange in the world with more than 8m followers on Twitter, over 2.5m on Instagram, and 1m plus on Facebook.

The UX/UI of the website needs to be improved as well. When compared with the top competitors, it’s far from what is expected. Although it’s a good attribute that it has the web capacity so that with or without mobile apps, anyone can use the platform, having a mobile app will boost adoption as well.


DTTCoins winning the award for the best Crypto Platform, 2022 shows that there’s more to come from the Crypto platform.

The 100-man team managing the brand with over 11 offices around the world can truly be great. You can check the DTTCoins now for more.


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