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Everdome; Buy, Sell, & Develop Lands in a Hyper-Realistic World



Everdome aims to provide a destination for Metahero’s remarkable tech to live, interact and flourish. The excitement about the metaverse is high, especially with the entrance of brands like JP Morgan, Gucci, Samsung, Adidas, and Samsung.

Apart from corporate brands, superstars like Snoop Dogg, etc are also in the metaverse. Although, it seems like the price tag to fund entry into the metaverse is great. And then, the nature of the replica of people in the metaverse is still uncertain. Everdome wants to give everyone a chance to be in the metaverse.

What is Everdome?

Everdome (DOME) is a metaverse that is developed to give a richer VR experience to metaverse gamers. This will involve a focus on creating personalized avatars for participants in a space that they can appreciate more than what is available in the market.

Everdome is a project that’s being developed in partnership with Metahero to bring in a unique VR exposure for users. It was officially launched on;

How Does Everdome Work

First, Everdome is on Mars. It’s a large expanse of virtual space where users including artists, musicians, companies, brands, and everyday persons can purchase and develop whatever they want to build.

For businesses, it can serve as a branding and marketing element to attract customers to Mars. Users can also build a separate space if they wish as Everdome provides a Community Dome that will be at the borders of Mars. Much more customization can be done here to suit the taste of the users.

To participate in Mars, there’s a need for the 3D Avatars and 3D NFTs provided by Metahero. These features will enable Metascanning of the environment as this will be a normal occurrence on Mars.

Metascanning, a 3D scanning technology, will be used to produce ultra-realistic 3Ds by modeling the Avatars after the shape and size of the user’s face. So your Avatar in the Dome will look like you and the scanning system can also create objects for your Avatar in the ecosystem.

To incentivize users to use the Metascanning, Everdome and Metahero place a reward of $HERO for any metascan done.

Everdome’s Mars is built on Unreal Engine 5 which will give a high definition real-world-extended experience. This will enable the connection between real life and the virtual world in Everdome to be in sync. Everdome will also house a Marketplace for the exchange of in-game utilities between users of the ecosystem.

The Mobile version of Everdome was just released on the 22nd, March, 2022.

That’s more adoption and greater reach for teaming fans of virtual reality who want to experience the fun of being in that space.

At the core of Everdome is a platform that will accelerate property purchase and development as the real estate industry enters the virtual world; VR based advertising to increase brand visibility in the ecosystem as well as a trading system in the form of a marketplace for buying and selling virtual items with real-life value.

Tokenomics of Everdome (DOME)

With the announcement of $DOME going live on, the native token seems to hold great potential for the entire VR world. $DOME has an ATH and ATL of $0.09714 and $0.03371 respectively, with a total supply of 100b $DOME.

$DOME will be the native token of the ecosystem as the development progresses. So users can use the $DOME token to purchase in-game items, exchange between other users, make payments on rent, lease or advertising. You can check for the token distribution formula here and live metrics of $DOME.



Challenges and Road Map of Everdome

So far, there are very few projects targeted at exactly what Everdome is developing and its pattern. This includes the partnership with Metahero, that’s a huge player in the industry, team members, and the direct application of the ecosystem in life and business.

However, the virtual reality space is an ever progressing one that has produced increasing numbers of exciting projects. So the challenges for Everdome are a disruptive competition that can emerge at any time as well as the close competition that exists now.

On the road map, it starts with Q4 of 2021 which is focused on building the foundation of the company including the creation of websites, market research, and planning for the future.

Here are the highlights for the other quarters:

  • Q1 of 2022: Official launch of Everdome, pre-release, listing on CEX, pre-sale and private sale, and importing first 3D NFTs from Metahero.
  • Q2 of 2022: second sale of real estate, fashion NFTs pre-sale, fully integrated 3D marketplace.
  • Q3 of 2022: release of World’s first metaverse stock & forex market v1, second VR experience, fashion NFT sale.

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Team and Partners Behind Everdome

Robert Gryn is the founder and CEO of Everdome. He also serves as CEO of Metahero. He’s set a mission for himself to fast track the mass adoption of crypto. Robert is a seasoned investor, ambassador of Celsius, and partner at Wolf Digital World. The dual-lingual graduate of the University of Surrey and St. Andrews has great skills in mobile marketing, business development, and crypto.

Jeremy Lopez operates as the COO of Everdome and Metahero. The alumnus of Colorado University has more than 10 years of experience working with early-stage tech startups. His diverse and intense skills in marketing, business operations, and growth have earned him top roles in 8 startups including Synega, Closeplan, and Codewise.

The CMO of Everdome and Metahero is Bally Singh, an Indian who is vast in marketing strategy, business development, and leadership. He is also the founder and chairman of Hoko Agency, a multidimensional organization with a focus on sports, entertainment, and Food & Beverages. Bally played a key role in organizing the Queen’s Jubilee celebration.

Everdome’s CPO and Metahero’s Tech Advisor left the world of programming some years ago and now he’s in the blockchain industry full time. Wojtek Wator still has his skills in web development, JavaScript, and other programming abilities.

On the CGO role of Everdome is Artur Kaczmarczyk who has volunteered for UEFA, and the Polish Presidency. He’s also the Head of Partnership at Codewise and was Senior Business Advisor at Banco Santander. Artur is skilled at digital marketing, business development, affiliate marketing, and more.

Access information of other team members here.


Everyone seems quite interested, and pushing forth its solution to the crypto world. And if it keeps to its promises on the road map of development, there’s a likelihood it’ll drive the mass adoption of VR globally. If you want to truly explore Mars, with Everdome, then do your research too and check here to join the Land Sale coming up soon if you desire.


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