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Dogemongo: Find & Capture Dogemons, Battle, Earn on the Dogemon metaverse



Dogemongo is an NFT virtual reality play-to-earn game. The gameplay extends an open hand to both crypto experts and crypto newbies. With Dogemons all over the metaverse, the players take the fun to find and capture these Dogemons. Dogemons are the in-game characters, players breed and go on battles with them while they earn. Initial game payment before play is not applicable.

The Dogemongo metaverse is open for land purchase, players who purchase lands in the metaverse become landlords or own landlord NFTs and can host games on their land to earn $DOGO.

Just like in real life, pets are good companions and loyal friends. In the Dogemon metaverse, any of the animals could be raised as companions, players who have mastered the skill of breeding these animals into intelligent fellows take them on adventures and battles. Cryptos come as prey while catching Dogemons, most Dogemons have crypto (Dogecoin) hidden around them, players while catching the Dogemon claim the crypto in the process.

Hold a minimum of 50,001 DOGO tokens and stand a chance to earn Dogecoins daily.

Dogo credits are attached to catching Dogemons. In a rank system, the player with the highest Dogemon level has the highest Dogo credits. This also increases the player’s chances of catching Dogemons and earning the crypto rewards in Dogecoin and gives the player Rocket-balls purchase rights and monthly trainer license. The platform has a referral program available for licensed trainers (30 days license) where they earn 2% of their referee earnings. To qualify for the trainer’s level, the player has to hold up to 100 DOGO Credits.

Landlord NFTs can be bought using $DOGO or earned as NFTs by players. Landlord NFT holders earn $DOGO when other players or the player themselves catch a Dogemon, go on battles, or sell any of their properties within the Landlord NFT circle. A player becomes a Landlord when they claim in-game regions or countries using their Landlord NFTs.

Country landlord NFT is a rare NFT, its holders earn DOGO Credits from the overall participation of players in that particular country. To be a licensed Dogemon breeder, the player purchases the license using $DOGO, the new breeds can be withdrawn or deposited as NFTs. Players earn free NFTs from campaigns, to stay updated with the Dogemongo free NFT campaign, join their Telegram community here. A rare Dogemongo NFT is the Guerrilla DOGE. Other Dogemons are Floki, Bitbull, Etherfant, Bion, Shibi, Solux, Huobi bull, Huobi cow, Cake, Fex, Uni, Polki, Paric, and Julie.

FTX.US hosts Dogemongos’ main NFT marketplace, all NFTs are bought or sold at the platform verified space on FTX.US.

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There are enemies in the Dogemongo metaverse. To stage defense against enemies, players launch a special skill attack in the Dogemon Sparring mode gameplay, where players play against other players. The skill can be bought with DOGO credits or gotten by holding a certain amount of DOGO credits. Three rooms exist for Dogemon Sparring and battles, battles are only bound to one room, that is players in room 1 don’t battle players in room 2. The metaverse Avatars have different levels and are matched according to their levels; avatar 1 to 10 then avatar 11 to 22, can play against each other randomly. The Sparring mode winners get to cash LP points. LP staking and Landlord staking are the two staking mechanics in the ecosystem.

DOGO credits can as well be used to level up Dogemons or boost the game. The avatar levels up as the player’s Dogo credit increases. Each Dogemon can be leveled up to level 99.

Four major in-game activities in Dogemongo are:

  • Dogemon Hunting
  • Being a Landlord or fighting for the Landlord NFT
  • Battles with enemies in Dogemongo
  • Referral program

The in-game token $DOGO has a total supply of 138,000,000,000. DOGO is hosted on two networks or primary chains, Solana and BSC. Players earn $DOGO and can trade them on exchanges as listed by Coingecko, but the in-game withdrawals are validated by Solana. To withdraw DOGO, players need to download Phantom extension and mobile, swap Dogo credits to $DOGO, click on the token swap icon, add Solana wallet address, confirm the transaction, input security sent to email, confirm the withdrawal, and be done! Or download Metamask wallet or Trust Wallet, add BSC wallet address, and follow the same procedure.

DOGO can be swapped to Dogo credits on a 1:1 ratio; Dogo credits equals Dogo tokens.

Potential game projects get to host their games on the Dogemongo metaverse, to get an advertising advantage and larger community reach. To travel around the earth on Dogemongo switch to travelers mode in the game settings.

Links to download Dogemongo

Android APK
Google play store

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