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Top 3 Launchpads on Polkadot



Top 3 Launchpads on Polkadot

As one of the fastest chains and also promising relative ease and less cost of use, Polka chain is making some headway and also increasing useability. 

This is a discussion of some of the Launchpads on Polkadot Chain




Established in late 2020, Polkastarter is undoubtedly one of the more recent additions to the list.

The Polkastarter platform has a lot of promise considering it attracted over 200,000 enthusiastic investors.

Polkastarter is a rapidly upcoming decentralized exchange built on the Polkadot network for token pools and auctions.

Polkastarter serves as a decentralized crowdfunding launchpad for early-stage crypto projects to raise capital, increase outreach, build a dedicated community, and gain access to the platform’s benefits.

Polkastarter is established on a highly interoperable Polkadot network.

It benefits from all the features of Polkadot, including the liquidity of Ethereum and other leading crypto projects.

A lot of this platform’s potential attributes to its cross-chain development. The PolkaStarter platform is designed to enable projects to launch their own interoperable token pools.

Given that leading platforms such as Ethereum and Bitcoin still struggle with network congestion, the Polkadot ecosystem and the Polkastarter platform can be very rewarding and beneficial for upcoming projects.

Moreover, the Polkastarter protocol is entirely decentralized. The platform is open-source and has a permission-less environment.

This means that any developer can integrate Polkastarter’s core framework into their own project to create and hold fixed token auctions.

Polkastarter also has a native utility token called the POLS token.


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Finminity is an innovative cross-chain DeFi investor services platform that is flexible, rewarding, and most importantly secures funds through DeFi safety protocols of Value Locks, DAO, and Milestone-based fund release.

Finminity brings ETH and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for our curated startups to do tokenization.

This provides a larger and diverse investor base and access to the 2 best networks that DeFi offers now

The Finminity token & investor community services are powered by Polkadot for Know Your Business (KYB), DAO, Staking, Voting, and Governance process.

Yield Farming is also integrated into the business model. This explains as the amount you have invested is not given to the company right away.

It is kept in the Escrow by Custodian Contract and you get Interested on that amount based on your staked tokens.

Red Kite

There are many kinds of launchpads available in the market that can help new crypto projects to have appropriate launches.

Red Kite is one of the recent entrants in the launchpad and IDO market.

It is showing good results and is also helping new crypto projects to have the launch they want.

Red Kite is helping investors participate in the transparent token sale for the new crypto projects.

The most basic reason why new crypto projects usually fail to raise a good capital amount is due to the poor marketing techniques they use.

Fear of scams is also a reason which is responsible too. Red Kite has built good connections with influencers and marketing partners leading new crypto projects with good capital funding.

The projects present on Red Kite go through rigorous scanning to prevent any kind of scams in the future.

Red Kite works on a multi-chain support technique which means that it supports both Ethereum and BSC pools.

Soon it will be supporting Polkadot and will become the first platform on the Polkadot network to have flexible pool types and whitelist conditions.

The Polkadot Launchpads and the cross-chain launchpads aim and set the goal to ensure that there is resounding transparency in development.

They also ensure developers can easily raise money before launch.


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