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Tatswap Announces the Farming of Wakanda Inu WKD



Decentralized exchange Tatswap from ABiT Network has announced Wakanda Inu WKD can be farmed on its platform.

Wakanda Inu, an African born community meme project with the $WKD digital meme token, has raised over 1334 BNB (approx. $0.8 million) after going viral in just 24hrs.

The project was originally listed for public sale on PinkSale for all whitelisted wallets before getting listed on PanCakeSwap, the largest decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The project has already raised 1,334 BNB crossing its soft cap of 1, 000 BNB in less than 24 hrs moving it onto the PanCakeSwap DEX for listing.

According to the Wakanda Inu ethos:

“Staying true to the culture given down to us by the Ancestral Wakandan Spirits, only those who are truly worthy can hold Vibranium-infused Wakanda Inu Coins.” – Wakanda Inu

It is interesting to see a successful meme token from Africa, built and designed by Africans for the world.

The Wakanda Inu token has been rapidly developed and is breaking ground so fast.

More recent development is the availability of Yield farming on the Tatswap decentralized platform.

Tatswap announced that Wakanda Inu WKD holders can now stake their tokens and earn TXT, the reward token of the Tatswap decentralized exchange. Tatcoin holders also can stake the TAT token, and earn the TXT token.

How to Buy and Sell Wakanda Inu WKD on Tatswap

Five things to know about Wakanda Inu token (WKD)

Africa’s First Community Driven Meme Token, Wakanda Inu $WKD

Yield farming is a practice of staking or lending cryptocurrencies in order to generate high returns or rewards in additional cryptocurrencies.

The reward could be in the same cryptocurrencies staked or in another cryptocurrency.

It is a practice adopted to reduce the total number of tokens in circulation and reward participants with additional tokens. It is also utilize to incentive community participation and growth.

Since launch, Wakanda Inu grown in numbers of token holders (currently over 70K), market capitalization and the numbers of exchanges it is currently listed is eleven (11).

Tatswap is currently offering an 19.3% APY with just a deposit fee of 2%.

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