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OKEx to Launch Staking For Internet Node Token (INT)



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Following their announcement to support Polkadot parachain slot auctions with exclusive early bird voting on projects such as Moonbeam (GLMR), Bifrost (BNC) and more, OKEx is set to launch a staking service for Internet Node Token (INT). 

The Internet Node Token (INT) is the world’s first bottom up new-generation blockchain of things (BoT) communication standard and base application platform that offers a wide range of applications, including industrial manufacturing, smart automobile, transportation, public technology facilities and smart cities. To know more about INT, click here.

The staking service starts at 03:00 am UTC on November 24, 2021. Users will be able to stake INT with just a few clicks and earn profit in return.


How to stake INT

For the Desktop version:

  • From the OKEx homepage, hover over “Finance” in the top menu and click Earn from the drop-down list.
  • On the Earn page, you can find INT via the search box or by scrolling through the list of assets.
  • Click Select to see staking information and then Subscribe to choose the amount of INT you wish to stake.

For the Mobile version:

  • From the app’s home screen, tap on Earn.
  • Then, use the search box or scroll the list of assets to find INT.
  • Tap Select to view more information and then Subscribe to choose the amount of INT you wish to stake.


In addition, OKEx Earn will launch the 20th phase of Flash deals, and subscriptions will follow subsequently. Flash deals for various assets will be available on Earn from time to time.

The 20th phase of the project: INT

Subscription model: flash sales

Subscription time: 03:00 am UTC on Nov. 24 


Digital assets Term  Total limit Individual limit Rate (APY)
INT 5 Days 21800000 INT 30000 INT 165%


To access this via the OKEx website, select Earn from the Finance section on the top menu and then choose Flash deals.

For the OKEx app users, select Earn from the homescreen and then choose Flash deals.

You can also access Earn by clicking here:


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