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African Blockchain Companies Collaborate To Use Technology For Covid-19 Charity



Over 50 blockchain and crypto-related companies have come together to use the technology in carrying out a charity program. The program is aimed at offering aid to individuals and families that have been directly or indirectly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This charity program, Blockchain4COVID-19 will implement blockchain technology in providing transparent, trackable, cost effective and efficient protocols in fundraising and distribution of aids. The initial goal of the project is to offer help to 500 hundred families resident in Lagos Nigeria that are affected by the lockdown. These are mainly families that depend on daily income for survival, which means that the lockdown may have deprived them of access to food and other basic essentials.

A Transparent and Corruption-Free Model

The organisations that are involved in this charity program include:

CryptoTVPlus, BeepMagnet, KubitX, CryptoMasterClass, Coinstituency, Digital Abundance, D-Online Harvest, Soswin Foundation, Keruxmagnum and others. 

Speaking on this initiative, the Chairman of the initiative and CEO, BeepMagnet Intl Dr. Don Gilead says; 

We are looking at creating a transparent and corruption-free charity model that ensures proper accountability by deploying the immutable and auditable blockchain technology. The goal is to provide aid to at least 500 families around the city of Lagos during the lockdown and isolation period where people are required to stay at home with almost no alternative source of income.

The Role of Blockchain Technology

The role of technology in the evolution of humankind cannot be overemphasized. Across many generations, specific technologies have been deployed to scale processes and eliminate limitations. These are some of the goals of the Blockchain4Covid-19 project. It is aimed at providing a more inclusive charity process where anyone can participate in the donation process no matter their status or location. 

Though the pandemic has  kept us in a lockdown, through this (blockchain4covid19) we won’t forget the poor next door” – Tony Emeka CEO, CryptoTVPlus, who is also co-founder of this initiative. 

The technology will also be used to tackle the issue of corruption, which has become endemic when it comes to handling public funds in Africa. The blockchain community sees this as an opportunity to implement and reveal a practical use case for blockchain technology. Opening the way for proper education and widespread adoption in the process. 

A Charity Program Where Everyone Can Participate

Blockchain4Covid-19 is a charity platform that is open to all through the decentralized characteristics of cryptocurrencies. You can participate in the donation process by using any of the cryptocurrencies made available on the platform. They include BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB and BUSD. Apart from making donations, you can also track the entire process independently on the blockchain platform transparently.

With Blockchain4Covid-19, you can be assured that both your effort and resources will be judiciously accounted for, and you can go to sleep knowing that the help that you rendered reaches the right targets.

You can participate in the donation exercise by clicking on the link below:


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