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Illuvium to Launch Illuvitar Wave 2 NFTs



Illuvium has announced plans to launch its highly anticipated Illuvitar Wave 2 Sale. This second wave is set to kick off on August 15th, inviting players to embark on a new adventure filled with rare Illuvitars and the opportunity to expand their coveted collection.

Illuvium is a series of decentralized RPG and collection games set in a vast and beautiful world. Players can explore the world, hunt dangerous creatures, and capture them for battles or trading. The games are interconnected, so players can use their assets across the series.

Illuvium is built on a fully decentralized protocol and offers a triple-A blockchain gaming experience. Stakers have the power to vote on various aspects of the game and its tokenomics, and they receive regular yields and distributions of the game’s revenue.

With an array of 25 characters to collect, Wave 2 is a game-changer for both seasoned collectors and aspiring adventurers. Illuvium said that this phase grants players an additional shot at obtaining those elusive Illuvitars, conquering the leaderboards, and unlocking exclusive rewards that promise to elevate the gameplay experience.

Furthermore, it stated that the approach to the upcoming wave is similar to the inaugural one, with a few differences. The Illuvitar Wave 2 Sale will be divided into two distinct phases: the Alpha Sale and the Extended Run Sale, each offering users unique opportunities to amass the Illuvium virtual assets.

The sale is slated to commence at 22:00 UTC on August 15th, after which the Extended Run Sale takes centre stage, beginning at 22:00 UTC on August 16th and continuing until 22:00 UTC on November 15th. 

Also, Illuvium said that the Illuvitar Wave 2 Sale will take place on IlluviDex, requiring interested buyers to connect their IMX wallets to the platform and ensure sufficient funds are deposited into their L2 wallets.

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