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Illuvium launches its first 2023 game



Illuvium releases the Alpha version of a new game in 2023. It’s the third game the blockchain firm has launched since its inception.

Illuvium is an Australian-based gaming firm that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The vision of the firm is to give users access to high-resolution 3D games where they can play and earn, and have fun using underlying blockchain technology. It was launched in 2020 by  Aaron Warwick, Grant Warwick, and Kieran Warwick.

Prior to this latest game called Zero, illuvium had Monster battler Illuvium: Arena and Open world Illuvium: Overworld, although all at the Beta phase of development, with limited access to users.

Illuvium Zero is a mobile and desktop companion game where users can buy, and manage virtual lands, build structures, extract Fuel and sell it on the IlluviDex, the game’s marketplace. The game is built on the Unreal Engine, available on Immutable X chain. Users can also download the games on Android, Mac and Windows devices.

Future of Web3 gaming

According to Illuvium, this Alpha version of Zero will undergo a reset after the first 8 weeks of release. The implication is that user data will be reset while assets like fuel acquired in Season 0, the current Season, cannot be transferred to the next season.

In 2022, the blockchain gaming industry fared well $2.5 billion invested in blockchain games in Q1 and Q2 2022 respectively while the expected total investment was pegged at $12 billion for the year. Dappradar added that in Q2 2022, 52% of unique active wallets (UAWs) interacting with dApps were active in blockchain games resulting in a total of about 1.1 million UWAs from Web3 games. 

Square Enix, another Web3 gaming firm, has shown huge concern for further development of games in 2023. The president of the organization made this known as a commitment to the huge opportunity the virtual gaming industry has to offer.

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