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Circle expands its web3 service product line, launches Programmable wallets 



Circle, the firm behind the stablecoin USDC, has announced the launch of its new service Programmable Wallets. The newly launched product marks the first product in Circle’s web3 services product line. The product according to Circle is designed for developers serving as a tool to integrate crypto wallets into any application.

Programmable Wallets are designed to enable developers to iterate on applications faster. Specifically, Circle explained that it is a tool that “bridges the gap between today’s internet and blockchain networks by abstracting complexities such as private key security, blockchain node operations, transaction management, interoperability across blockchains.”

Key offers for developers include: 

  • Allows you to choose wallet security and control configurations. 
  • Hosting an MPC node or starting with Circle-hosted MPC nodes. 
  • Sharing transaction signing responsibilities with the users or ensuring the transactions are signed.
  • Flexible app support.

The product isn’t a one size fits all, Circle mentioned. It offers developers the flexibility to deploy for specific use cases as it would suit their users which will in turn increase customer satisfaction. For instance, deploying using programmable wallets developers can specially tailor their wallets to the best fitting UX for their app.

“Offering a wallet infrastructure that allows wallets to be configured for each use case can increase customer satisfaction while maintaining security and usability,” Circle said.

Circle is a financial company and a key player in the digital assets industry. The firm’s USDC ranks among the top stablecoins coins with a significant market share in the stablecoin market.

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