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Illuvium launches Overworlds Private Beta 2 on Immutable 



Illuvium (ILV) has launched Overworlds Private Beta 2 on Immutable (IMX). The new game is live with new features, and gamers can access it via downloads of the recent version. In the world of illuvium, gamers fight for survival by capturing illuvials.

Overworld is an Illuvium open-world exploration game deployed on a planet full of adventure and illuvials. The gameplay now has new Illuvials, Morphopods, mechanics, and regions as well as challenge and entertainment. 

Illuvium stated that Private Beta 2 introduces the game’s new Overload mechanic, and energy management. “We’ve simplified synergies for a better player experience, leading to a broader range of viable team compositions,” the Illuvium team said.

AAG co-founder and CEO Jack Vinijtrongjit responded that the term GameFi should be eliminated and made without any expectation to make money. “Until we all stop having to make this kind of statement, the state of blockchain gaming is still no good. Maybe we should first start by [eliminating] the term “GameFi”. Every game should be for fun and no one should have the expectation of making money,” he said. 

Meanwhile, the cofounder’s platform offers a GameFi product, the “AAG GameFi platform.” AAG Ventures is a web3 infrastructure platform with a focus on providing software that aids a simplified blockchain interaction.

Gamers who already have access to the new release can delete the previous version to install the new game, however, gamers without access can still “register for a chance at limited access.”

Further, GameFi seems to be making a comeback as most platforms are updating and expanding their gaming ecosystems. Before the Illuvium launch on Immutable, Axie Infinity announced passing Apple app store reviews and released the iOS version of its gameplay Origins. The announcement had a price pump impact on Axie Infinity token, AXS.

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