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Crypto’s latest and greatest: the biggest buzz of the week!



Protocol issues. Platform shutdowns. Regulatory changes. Product launches. The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry had an *explosive* week, and we’ve got the inside scoop on all of it. Explore the latest headlines with us.

Will Binance’s standoff with CFTC lead to global crypto trading regulations? Find out as we chat with Lucky Uwakwe, founder of Sabi Groups, on the latest episode of The Inside Blockchain Show. 

Plus, is this the end for centralized exchanges and the rise of decentralized ones? Tune in to find out!

Arsenal FC & Staynex NFT to Launch Journey Pass

Allbridge offers hacker a bounty to return stolen funds

How to get the BNB Chain Easter Egg

Canadians to begin trading on a regulated crypto assets platform

KuCoin Wallet rebrands as Halo wallet, focusing on the SocialFi ecosystem

PancakeSwap Launches version 3 on BNB Chain & Ethereum

Re7 Capital & Republic Crypto set up a $100M fund for liquid token

Euler Labs Successfully Recovered Stolen Funds

Paxful suspends its marketplace; recommends a new one —

Paxful’s Bitcoin marketplace is closed but there’s more, Allbridge reimburses users, and the SEC is close to a settlement in Coinbase insider trading case. Tragically, Cash App’s creator has passed but OpenSea has launched an advanced NFT aggregator!

Metamask looks to add NFTs to its Browser Extension

EU warns of big players becoming metaverse gatekeepers

Google to add Conversational AI features to flagship search engine

US Treasury Department describes DeFi as a threat to National security

Exciting news on the crypto horizon! Ethereum’s EigenLayer protocol is launching on testnet and Do Kwon converts illicit funds from Luna to Bitcoin. Plus, Mt. Gox repayment deadline hits and Germany plans to issue electronic shares on the blockchain. Keep your eyes peeled on this video below! 

LayerZero Raises $120M leading to a $3B Valuation

Clothing giant, Ralph Lauren, accepts Bitcoin

Opensea Launches Pro, a powerful NFT aggregator

The claims exchange of 3AC founders has gone live

Do Kwon, wanted in the US & South Korea; his millions is missing

Mt. Gox repayment set for october

Thai citizens promised airdrop ahead of elections

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