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Arsenal FC & Staynex NFT to Launch Journey Pass



Arsenal FC & Staynex NFT to Launch Journey Pass

Staynex, in collaboration with Arsenal FC, has introduced an exciting NFT initiative called Staynex Arsenal Journey Passes. The campaign’s goal is to give its supporters and fans a unique and innovative method to interact with the team and gain access to exclusive items.

The Staynex Arsenal Journey Pass will have a total of 400 NFTs in supply and will debut on the BNB Network. All 400 NFTs will be split between the “Gooner” (granting general and club level access to a match and 4-star accommodation) and “Legendary” (granting box seat access to a match and 5-star accommodation) categories, with the Gooner having a total of 360 NFTs and the Legendary having 40 NFTs. Those who have been awarded a token have their pick from among four different matches. 

Staynex has also entered into a partnership with Enjinstarter, a Web3 launchpad and advisory business, to handle the launch safely and smoothly. This new campaign will be run through the Enjinstarter initiative, and it will kick off on OpenSea on the 7th of April. This gives members of the Enjinstarter community early and exclusive access to the NFTs before the tokens are made accessible to the general public. In return, Staynex will be promoted throughout the entire Enjinstarter community.

To celebrate this upcoming initiative, Staynex is hosting a giveaway for one lucky person to win a free pass. To be eligible for this giveaway contest, you must fulfill all the requirements on their Premint.XYZ page. The raffle will take place on the 5th of April, and the lucky winner will receive the pass on the 7th of April as an airdrop. This airdrop qualifies the winner for a free pass to a home match and a 3-night stay in a hotel.

The Mint price would be $400 on the day of launch and in BNB. 

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