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How to get the BNB Chain Easter Egg



As the NFT revolution continues across the industry, BNB Chain in partnership with 15 ecosystem DApps launched an NFT Easter Egg Hunt, an adventure that rewards participants with exciting prizes.

To celebrate Easter, participants can collect different types of Easter eggs, and NFTs, take quizzes, and complete tasks which allows them to participate in the BNB Chain Easter Egg Hunt and stand a chance to win $30K in prizes. The $30k will be $15K in the grand draw and $15K worth of prizes in NFTs, tokens, and other prizes.

The BNB Chain Easter Egg Hunt Campaign on DappBay starts on the 3rd of April and concludes at 12 PM UTC on April 9th.

How to Join

Participants can join the Hunt using the Egg Drawing Tickets, these tickets let participants draw NFT eggs. Using the ticket they are able to see which type of Easter egg they draw; this could be a task egg or a quiz egg.

Task egg suggests completing tasks to join the raffle while the quiz egg suggests answering questions accurately on the quiz for a chance to win. Each address can claim 3 Egg Drawing Tickets a day.

For Egg Tasks, participants are to complete social tasks on Galxe to gain up to 15 extra Egg Drawing Tickets for the duration of the campaign. Each dApp has a Galxe profile page with all the tasks listed.

Extra Egg Drawing ticket for Egg Quiz is earned by Sharing exclusive Hooked powered AI Egg NFT on Twitter. However, irrespective of how many times each participant shares the exclusive AI Egg NFT on Twitter, they only qualify for one extra ticket a day. Egg quiz enables participants to learn, quiz, and earn an exclusive AI Egg NFT.

Task Egg: How to participate and win

  1. Find and complete the corresponding task for each egg on Galxe.
  1. After completing the tasks, Mint your egg NFT. Each egg NFT can only be minted once. 
  1. Join the raffle.
  1. Redeem your reward. The reward is the raffle for Egg NFT holders.

Task Egg NFT rewards: participants who collect up to 20 Egg NFTs can join the raffle, raffle registration is open from 3 April to 9 April. for a chance to win $150 in a prize pool of $15K. Also, they can mint 1 BNB Chain Easter Egg on Galxe. All winners can claim their USDT reward on Galxe. Projects will distribute rewards within 14 days.

Quiz Egg: How to participate and win 

  1. Go through and read the eligible educational articles on DappBay provided by 1 of 15 dApps. 
  1. After learning, complete the following quiz. The tutorial and quiz can only be done once.
  1. If 2 out of 3 questions are answered correctly, then the participant will qualify for a random quiz AI Egg NFT. 
  1. Use DappBay to generate a random quiz AI Egg NFT. 
  1. Afterward, share the exclusive AI Egg NFT on Twitter. Hashtags to use include, #BNBEasterHunt #AIEggNFT, also, users who share will receive an additional Egg Drawing Ticket each day.

BNB Chain is a web3 DApp network and one of the leading blockchain protocols in terms of active users, DAU, and active wallets. Developers introduce web3 products building on the BNB chain and offering users Blockchain-based solutions.

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