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Opensea Launches Pro, a powerful NFT aggregator



Opensea has launched a new product named Pro for its users. This is coming after the acquisition of, an NFT aggregator by Opensea in April 2022. is an independent platform that allows users to buy NFTs from several marketplaces with a single transaction. These transactions can be done with any ERC-20 token on the NFT aggregator.

Opensea is one of the oldest NFT marketplaces launched in 2017 to help users trade NFTs. By 2022, Opensea became the largest NFT marketplace based on trade volumes, and a multichain platform supporting assets on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Layer 2s.

According to Opensea, the new platform, Opensea Pro will provide users with zero fees (for a promotional period), advanced order types, large liquidity, fast transaction speed, aggregation from over 170 NFT marketplaces, and real-time data collection of transactions. 

Users can also manage the assets they buy and sell seamlessly, see better bids and offers, access liquidity pools, and use the Opensea Pro on mobile. “We’ve also got Watchlists, Live Mints Overview, Batch Transfers, and more to come,” Opensea added.

Opensea also included an NFT promo for community members who used the Gem platform before 31 March 2023. Every eligible user can claim the “Gemesis” NFT which can be minted on Opensea on a soon-announced date and page.

Speaking about the upgrade, Opensea said that the expansion is important to serve the larger NFT community of today which is bigger than what it used to be. “Opensea Pro, on the other hand, exists primarily to serve the power-user community, who represent an important part of today’s ecosystem”.

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