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Google to add Conversational AI features to flagship search engine



Tech giants, Google intend to enhance their flagship search engine with conversational artificial intelligence features in the near future. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, revealed that advancements in artificial intelligence may help Google answer user inquiries in a more timely manner in the future.

Pichai regards artificial intelligence chat less as a threat to the search business and more as an opportunity to expand it. However, the firm has stated that it plans to roll out the conversational AI features in phases, beginning with selected markets and progressively expanding to more regions and languages over the course of time.

Although Google has not yet announced an official launch date for the launch, the company has stated that it plans to do so.

Additionally, the company has dropped hints about the possibility of forming partnerships with third-party developers in order to produce individualized conversational experiences and incorporate them into other Google products and services.

Bard, Google’s own conversational artificial intelligence, had been released previously as a chat tool on a separate website, outside of Search. 

The CEO stated that Google plans to implement a more advanced language model in order to assist in providing responses that are more accurate.due to the fact that Bard was seen to exhibit incorrect answers

Google has so far been observed to develop of new AI products despite layoffs. The company’s two primary AI departments, Google Brain and DeepMind, work more closely together in an effort to increase productivity.

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