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Astar Network launches a Web3 incubation program with Sony



Astar Network in partnership with Sony Network Communications has launched a Web3 incubation program. This will bring the huge resources of Sony and the Web3 expertise of Astra to nurture various projects.

Astar Network is a scalable blockchain on which developers can build dApps using EVM, WASM (WebAssembly) smart contracts, cross-consensus messaging (XCM), and a cross-virtual machine (XVM). Sony Network Communications is part of the Sony Group, created to oversee business development and services related to NFT products.

In April 2022, Sony Network Communications established Sony Network Communications Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to engage in NFT-related development outsourcing and consulting businesses.

Details of the incubation program 

Registration for the incubator program opens on 17th February 2023 and till 6th March 2023. The Program starts in March and ends in June. According to Astar, qualified candidates for the incubator program will have the opportunity to meet with top Web3 companies such as Web3 Foundation, and Alchemy; will be given access to resources from Sony Network Communications and Astra which includes financial support.

Also, companies with good products can be considered for investment by Sony Network Communications. Astar added that there will be a demo day – online and offline at Sony Group Corporation Headquarters in Tokyo, in June – of each product after the incubator program with Sony Network Communications and product growth support for the Astar team.

Speaking about the program, Sota Watanabe, CEO of Startale Labs, said that the incubator event will provide an avenue to share industry knowledge and resources with participants who in turn can create good products for the market.

Partners of the program include Amazon Web Service, Alchemy, Polkadot, Dragonfly, Next Web Capital, Fenbushi Capital, HashKey Capital, Black Daemon, and Longhash Ventures.

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