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Sony makes further web3 push with NFT patent application



Sony, an entertainment and gaming firm, has filed for a patent that will allow NFTs to become transferable between games and consoles. Sony Interactive Entertainment originally filed the patent last week, and aims to allow players of its Sony products to have an interoperable web3 gaming experience; the products include Sony’s flagship PlayStation.

The interoperability goal was specifically stated by Sony in the patent, noting that “the framework aims to be interoperable between products outside the Sony ecosystem, such as the Xbox or a “cloud-based video game,” therefore, assets would be fully transferable as well as usable across different gaming ecosystems.

Following the patent, gamers would be able to transfer in-game assets from one device to another, this involves virtual reality (VR) devices like headsets, tablets, computers, and smartphones. 

According to the patent application, there is a possibility of the NFTs being used across product models and versions. “In some examples, the NFT can be used cross-generationally (e.g., from PS4 to PS5),” the patent stated.

Detailing how the NFTs would work, the patent stated that for achievements and tournaments, “the task may include a victory in an esports tournament and the digital asset may be usable via the NFT by the first end-user entity across plural different computer simulations.”

The likelihood of gamers duplicating tasks making them earn the same NFT would be curtailed via a function stated in the patent that would prevent gamers from repeating tasks to earn the same NFTs with different products or games. The function will prevent the task from being repeated in other instances of the computer simulation and will decline to provide additional NFTs for subsequent performances of the task.

Sony has been making moves that suggest embracing the web3 ecosystem where in November it released motion-tracking wearables that will allow gamers to control their avatars in real-time using their bodies. 

Sony Network Communications has also partnered with Astar, a Blockchain network to create an incubation program for companies with a focus on building real-world utilities for NFTs and DAOs. Also, in September, the US-based entertainment company, Sony Music filed for a trademark to cover its music NFTs. 

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