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Niche launches public Beta on the Near protocol 



Web3 social media platform, Niche has launched its public beta platform on the Near protocol. Niche is a new-generation decentralized social media project built to permit content creators to issue their work as NFTs while building a large community on the blockchain.

Niche is designed to be with customizable native clubs for different kinds of audiences. This audience can create as well as monetize their content which can be focused on food, media, fashion, lifestyle, wellness, and more.

In the Niche platform is the Refraction club, a Web3 community for people that love music, culture, and arts; Space10, focused on research and design for products to make the planet better; Hit of Happiness, a self-help club for making people happy and finding purpose.

A breakdown of the club structure states that any club member who joins a club gets a unique digital membership card that grants them access to events, discussions, and more. These cards can also be traded between users of Niche Club for real money.

Free 5,000 NFTs giveaway and “no followers” platform

According to the Niche, 5,000 NFTs will be given to the first users who download and use the application. Details also reveal that the official launch of the app will be in March 2023. At the moment, only iOS users can access the app on the Apple store. 

One of the unique features of the Niche app is the absence of metrics such as the number of friends, followers, and likes for each member or post made. Niche said it’s aimed at building real engagement and connection between users.

The developers’ team behind Niche is made up of 50% females and is led by co-founders Christopher Gulczynski (CEO) and Zaven Nahapetyan (CTO).

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