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Ledger launches first Web3 gameĀ 



The popular hardware wallet company, Ledger, has released its first blockchain game, Cometh Battle. Ledger added the feature as part of its Ledger Live software application.

Cometh Battle is a Web3 game and the first to be on the Ledger platform. The Polygon blockchain-powered project is a free-to-play tactical card game where users can play, earn, own, collect and trade their NFT cards and spaceships.

According to Ledger, users can access the game by downloading it on a desktop, Android, or iOS. After downloading, the next step is to sign which gives the user a free deck of 40 cards and a starter spaceship NFT. By completing tasks, users can earn credits to buy the NFT play cards.

In addition, Ledger said that users who want to earn from the beginning of the game need to buy or rent an NFT spaceship in the game. The rewards won by users are paid as ERC-20 tokens.

Ledger offering more security for NFTs

Prior to the launch of Cometh Battle on the Ledger platform, the game had its beta version released in May 2022 and since then has gathered up to 15,000 players and over $1 million won by players.

It’s also not surprising to see Ledger accept an NFT game after its plan to launch an enterprise-based NFT marketplace in June last year. The hardware wallet firm wants to bring efficient security systems into the NFT industry.

The CEO of Cometh, Jerome de Tychey, explained that the collaboration with Ledger brings about a secured platform where users can have fun. In a bid to deter the hacks found in the Web3 industry, this partnership will help onboard more gamers into the industry, he added.

For Carl Anderson, VP of Consumer Engineering at Ledger, the reception for more games in the future is high for Ledger.

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