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Nakamoto Games partners with Google for gaming workshop in Bangkok



Nakamoto Games has announced its newest partnership with the tech giant, Google. Together, they will be co-hosting a Gaming Workshop at the Google Office in Bangkok on Friday, May 10th.

Nakamoto’s workshop aims to explore the latest trends shaping the gaming industry and unveil Google’s innovative AI user acquisition strategy. 

The objective is to foster collaboration and innovation within the gaming sector by leveraging the expertise of both firms.

Nakamoto Games is a blockchain-based gaming platform that offers a play-to-earn ecosystem where users can play games and earn cryptocurrency rewards. It provides a diverse range of games based on skill, strategy, and game knowledge rather than luck, allowing players to utilize their skills to earn rewards.

The platform is hyper-casual, fun, and easy to understand with a focus on fair gameplay and entertainment. It excludes any form of gambling or casino-like activities. 

Nakamoto Games aims to bridge the gap between traditional online games and play-to-earn games. Operating on the Polygon blockchain ensures low transaction fees and high throughput.

Independent game developers can upload their games on the platform and earn royalties from gamer engagement. The platform’s native token, $NAKA, facilitates in-game purchases, buying weapons and items, and participating in the governance system. Players can earn $NAKA tokens by completing games and engaging with various in-game rewards.

Beyond the single gaming system, Nakamoto Games has envisioned creating a self-sustaining metaverse called Nakaverse, which will offer immersive gaming experiences, shops, restaurants, NFT museums, and digital land plots for users to purchase and earn additional income. 

Additionally, Google has been actively involved in the blockchain gaming industry through partnerships with companies like Sequence, Solana Labs, and Horizon Blockchain Games. 

These collaborations aim to simplify Web3 gaming development and integrate blockchain technology into gaming platforms. 

For example, Sequence has partnered with Google Cloud to bring its full-stack web3 gaming development suite to cloud users, making it easier for developers to leverage web3 building tools through Google’s cloud computing platform. 

Solana Labs has also joined forces with Google Cloud to use Google’s capabilities for its own blockchain-based game development, aimed at propelling blockchain technology into mainstream gaming.

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