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Matter Labs partners with RNS.ID to issue Digital IDs as NFTs 




Matter Labs, well known for its zkSync project, has announced its partnership with RNS.ID, the world’s first sovereignty-backed digital ID. This partnership will see an integration between zkSync and RNS.ID for on-chain KYC, making it the first application that will utilize zero-knowledge-proof technology for government identification.


This partnership will see the issuance of digital government IDs as NFTs to global citizens. These NFTs will be based on ZkSync. It will also give users total control over their data, allowing them to claim different levels of identification disclosure. This integration will lead to a reduction in the time KYC verification takes, and it will also speed up transactions. To protect users’ sensitive personal data and keep privacy on the blockchain, ZK-proof and ID NFT will be utilized. This ZK-proof computing process would be accelerated through zkSync.


ZkSync has secured a number of partnerships recently as the project looks forward to its full Mainnet launch. It further stated the uniqueness and dynamicity of this partnership, explaining that the crypto space has provided real-life valuable use cases that are of particular interest. 


Expressing their excitement about this partnership, ZkSync stated, “We’re excited to work with innovators like to leverage our zkEVM platform to enable self-sovereign solutions in the emerging space of digital identity.” They further explained that this integration would leverage the power of cryptography in ZkSync’s zero-knowledge proof solution, which will permit identity authentication without revealing users’ delicate data, keeping up with security as they access the Web3 space. 


Significance of this Partnership 


  • is the first application that uses zero-knowledge proof technology for government identification and is currently running on Ethereum. The migration to zkSync will leverage the cheaper transaction fees ZkSync offers while completely acquiring the security of Ethereum.
  • One of the strong use cases of Zero-knowledge proofs is identity and data verification. This program creates a new model for the sharing and moving of individual data, with the citizen in control.
  • Numerous different sovereign organizations across the globe are also seeking to establish a digital ID program that keeps data secure. This partnership between RNS and ZkSync will pave the way for other digital identity programs to build on zkSync. An example of these organizations is Glass


What you should know about 


RNS.ID is the world’s first Web3 legal platform to function as the national identification deployed as ID NFTs on the blockchain. It was created to facilitate the application and issuance of a sovereign-backed ID program, which is open to virtually everyone. It gives its global citizens unlimited access to borderless economic freedom and a new democratic paradigm in a borderless digital world. has successfully partnered with the Republic of Palau, the first sovereign nation to issue its global citizens digital residency IDs. It is the first national identification card to be issued on the blockchain as soulbound ID NFTs.


Presently, there are about 95,000 users from 81 countries across the globe who have signed up as digital residents of Palau on RNS.ID.


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