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Mara announces ethereum layer two testnet launch



Mara, the Africa-focused decentralized finance platform, has taken to Twitter to announce the launch of its testnet for the highly anticipated Mara Chain. This innovative layer 2 network, compatible with Ethereum, is set to revolutionize blockchain technology in Africa, presenting a host of opportunities for developers across the continent.

The Mara Chain testnet will allow developers to thoroughly test their applications and the blockchain for any bugs or issues before its official launch. By leveraging an Optimism fork, the Mara Chain offers enticing benefits, including lightning-fast transaction speeds, cost-effective gas fees, and seamless interoperability with other Optimism-based networks.

Mara Chain signifies a significant step towards delivering opportunities that blockchain can offer to the African people.  With the testnet now live, developers in Nigeria and throughout Africa can begin building and testing their decentralized applications on the Mara Chain. 

Additionally, Mara is actively seeking feedback from the developer community and partners to continually improve the platform and create a supportive ecosystem.

The company values collaboration and incentivizes developers with rewards, bounty grants, and development grants for advancing and enhancing the capabilities of Mara Chain.

The testnet launch opens doors to innovation, financial inclusion, and economic development, promising a brighter future for blockchain in Africa.

With Mara leading the charge, the potential for blockchain technology to drive positive change in Africa has never been more reassuring.

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