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Bull Perks: Decentralized VC & Multichain Launchpad on BSC



  • BullPerks is the world’s first decentralized venture capital & multichain launchpad.
  • Bull Perks will support networks like Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, Polygon, and Tezos.
  • BLP is a Bep-20 token with a total supply of 300,000,000

Building use cases for a product is one of the things that determines the market sustainability of a product. What problems a product solves says a lot about how long it will survive the market pressure, not just solving a problem, but a solution many are ready to patronize. Before a product is launched, it undergoes rigorous processes from coupling ideas, product development, funding, market launch, down to consumer/market sustainability, and lots more. Funding and market launch is the point most projects seek hands to give them a base to reach their target audience. Funding is where venture capitalists are needed. A base platform for market interoperability is where Launchpads comes in.

Venture capital is a type of private equity funding or investment in products, startups, or emerging companies with a good potential for growth and market relevance. A Venture capitalist (VC) is a firm that provides funding to startups and projects in exchange for a stake. Firms or institutions show interest in these projects, then invest in equity. Firms review a project thoroughly and are satisfied to handle the risks before investing.

Launchpads are platforms that offer products a base to access investors and raise funds for their projects. Crypto or Gaming Launchpads gives new Blockchain-based products a platform for raising liquidity for their products and offers other marketing advantages they wouldn’t have easily accessed on their own. Launchpads exist for different categories of products, and which to choose from is dependent on the services needed.

This article explores Bull Perks and their ecosystem.

Welcome to Bull Perks

To simply put, BullPerks is a Venture capital firm and a Launchpad platform. They are a multichain decentralized platform built on the Binance Chain, offering simplified fundraising mechanics for Blockchain-based startups and filling the gap between products and investors. Bull Perks believe Binance Chain is the best protocol to build their platform, the reason being that it is EVM-compliant just like Ethereum and allows DApps expansion with little coding time.

The Bull Perks ecosystem won’t be limited to Binance Chain but will incorporate other platforms like Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, Polygon, and Tezos.

As of 2021, blockchain application/adoption skyrocketed, and the number of DApps surpassed 3,000. Despite the goodness list of Blockchain technology, it poses several concerns like scalability, consensus mechanism, interoperability, and scams. Blockchain is a Decentralized technology with no central authority, therefore the issue of fraud is easily encountered because users have a limit to the information they provide. Bull perks seek to provide a platform where investors access Blockchain-based products and projects onboard for effective market positioning.

Most investors miss out on investing in crypto-assets; many factors contribute to this. Cryptocurrency projects and other Blockchain-based products are changing the traditional fundraising or crowdfunding process to a more innovative approach for different products. IDO- Initial DEx Offering, ICO- Initial Coin Offering, IGO- Initial Game Offering, IEO-Initial Exchange Offering, STO- Security Token Offering, are recent crowdfunding processes that are not common with investors. Also, the interface and experience of some crypto platforms are not user-friendly therefore scars off investors. KYC information is limited. Most investors do not find this little information satisfying to risk their funds. Based on these problems, Bull perks are designing their solutions to drive Blockchain adoption and bring to the system a transparent transaction process, friendly UI/UX, and investments democratization.

Bull Perks Ecosystem

Services that will make up the BullPerks ecosystem includes

Launchpad: Bull Perks is a Decentralized Launchpad and will partner with crypto assets to give users who hold BLP participating access to projects’ IDO. Projects will be at the advantage of receiving technical advisory and marketing. Providing liquidity tools and post-IDO support are also the benefits from Bull Perks Launchpad.

Staking and Farming: Bull Perks ecosystem will feature staking and farming options in its design. In DeFi trading, staking and Farming have proven to be a good way of earning cryptocurrencies passively. Earning is based on the coin proposed daily, weekly, or yearly interest in percentage. A bearish or bullish market doesn’t affect staking and farming returns; it only affects the coin market value. Users will have the opportunity to run staking pools without performing additional tasks which will enable them to maximize their profits, provide an incentive mechanism for liquidity providers and enhance security.

Decentralized Venture Capital (DCVC): Bull Perks ecosystem will run on an elaborate protocol with massive user-friendly decentralized VC features. Users who hold BLP tokens will have access to early offers on a project other than the project’s IDO. The Bullperks team has a grounded knowledge of the Blockchain space and will partner or onboard projects with an impactful market solution. KYC information aids project research. Bull Perks will be strict on user KYC and ensure users comply with the process.

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Tokenomics, Team, and Partners

To support Bull Perks infrastructure as a Decentralized platform, hence the BLP token. BLP is a Bep-20 token with a total supply of 300,000,000 BLP. Bull Perks utility token grants its holder access to the ecosystem services and features; IDO deals, staking, and farming features. BLP will follow a buy-back system and will not be burnable; the 3% revenue from investment fees goes to buy-backs.

To purchase BLP tokens check out Coingecko or Coinmarketcap.

Treasury, liquidity/staking, and token sales will have the highest allocation percentage of 27.5, 20, and 19.5 respectively. During the token sale, 30,000,000 BLP was allocated to private sale, then 6,000,000 BLP went to seed and public sale, and 16.5 to strategic operations.

To further partake of the ecosystem advantages, users lock their tokens and receive rewards as slated in the platform smart contract in a tier system. The tier will run in a 6-tier system based on the total number of BLP tokens locked by each user. Each tier will have deals and allocations available to it and is reviewed every 2 months to allow users flexibility from one tier system to another.

BullPerks have a team and advisors with about 20 years of combined experience in the Blockchain/crypto space, as mentioned in their document. The leadership has Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan as Co-founders.

The long list of investors and strategic partners includes Moonwhale, FollowTheSeed, Blockchain ventures, Space capital, Sora ventures, and Alphabit.

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