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0xadventure; an NFT platform Connecting Gamers, Investors, and Creators in the Metaverse



The growing adoption of blockchain technology has resulted in many changes affecting all aspects of life. In particular, the art, sport and entertainment industries have been impacted with the introduction and adoption of NFTs. The potential of NFTs was largely limited as it was thought of as mere JPEGs or pictures until few artists were able to mint and sell NFTs for millions of dollars. Jack, the former CEO of Twitter, also sold his for $2.9 million.

Then beyond arts, the development of the metaverse brought about more integration of NFTs. Most games developed as metaverse projects make use of NFTs as in-game assets. With these NFTs, gamers can make good money trading or play with them. NFTs have also advanced the goal of tokenization so that products can be tokenized easily on decentralized platforms opening a new market.

What is 0xadventure?

0xadventure is built around the reality that the metaverse is here and NFTs will become more and more relevant in today’s world.

There are a lot of platforms created for gaming, trading as well as business-related platforms where certain foods are sold with tokenized NFTs. As these platforms increase in number users will require control platforms that will bring opportunities in the NFT-Fi world, and help to manage and control their assets. 0xadventure wants to give users that access to manage their NFTs.

Features of the 0xadventure Platform

The 0xadventure ecosystem has DID (Decentralized-ID) for the metaverse designed to track the achievement and footprints of players across the metaverse. As players engage in the metaverse, they receive points and ranking as rewards in the metaverse. These rewards are tracked with their DID.

  • 0xadventure NFT Suite

There is an NFT Suite that gives access to users to utilize NFTs and NFT products of their choice that are launched on the platform. The NFT Suite offers services from the full NFT lifecycle that permit anyone to issue NFTs, participate in auctions, and trade NFTs. All of these will happen in the 0xAdventure platform. Read more about NFTs in 0xadventure.

  • 0xAdventure eSports Club

The 0xAdventure eSports Club integrates investors, holders of premium gaming assets, and professional players into an ecosystem where they can be of benefit to each other. So investors get the liquidity needed to launch products that will be played by professional players using the NFT assets of holders. The reward from these activities will be shared amongst all participants.

The other three features here are Game Discovery, which is a Guild that helps players and game creators discover curated games and the right player base for their game launch respectively; GameFi Tools which enhances the performances of players and Scholarship Portal. The Scholarship Portal gives anyone access to make use of the play to earn games by reducing the barriers to these utilities and earning opportunities.

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Products in the 0xadventure Platform

0xadventure is a DAO Hub that houses products targeted at giving higher yields to NFTs owners by individuals and organizations.

  • Chamcha

Chamcha is one of the products on the 0xadventure platform. It consists of an NFT Lending Desk from where anyone can get NFTs for use as well as place their NFTs for use. The NFTs are safe so that borrowers cannot exploit the asset during the lending duration. Chamcha also contains Tassel Wallet. This wallet is where the NFTs and other tokens are managed from.

It’s like the Trust wallet or MetaMask wallet. With it, anyone can access the Chamcha ecosystem. Chamcha also has a security system to protect every asset on the platform, with a 24/7 support system that manages all the processes going on on the platform.

  • Nawarat

Nawarat is another product found in the 0xadventure platform. It serves as a decentralized guide that offers appraisal for most NFT projects. With it, anyone can see objective, safe, and real-time price data in the NFT financial market. Although it is yet to be released its function is very useful in the crypto market.

  • PingRiver

PingRiver is a lending tool that uses NFTs as collateral so that the liquidity can be easily accessed. Owners of NFTs will make money using the platform by having access to blockchain assets that they can use to make money in games or stake in other platforms in and outside the 0xadventure ecosystem.

For every blockchain platform, there is always a token that drives the project. ZAD Token is the primary token that drives the 0xAdventure community. The governance process is done on-chain and enables the entire community to own the project.

The tokenomics of 0xAdventure is not yet out as it is yet to be released.

Challenges of 0xadventure

0xAdventure is built with the future of GameFi in mind as there will be a need for NFTs that will be used for many projects.

Currently, there are a handful of projects with similar visions like Enjin and Solanart. So the major challenge here will be competing with other brands in the same GameFi niche. The Road Map of the project was not spelled out on the website. However, some projects are shown to be coming soon.

0xadventure Team

On the Team, Kelvin Chua, the founder, and CEO of SkyArk Studio is the CEO of 0xAdventure. He’s skilled in Business Development, Business Strategy, Leadership, and Project Management. Then, Simo Vukmirica, the director of Krypto Playboy Capital, is the CMO of the project. He’s known for Research, Project Management, and Marketing. DeHorizon, Elfin Kingdom, and StarSharks are some of the top partners.


0xAdventure is a Web3 platform that is geared towards connecting games, NFTs, and communities together. The aim is to bring about profitability for all stakeholders involved and interoperability across the metaverse.


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