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Arena Master: A PvP, Free-To-Play, Battle-Styled Tokenized Game




Arena master is a skill-based battle-styled game, intending to provide a real-life gaming experience for gamers and people around the world.


Reports have shown that there are over 2billion people all around the world that are gamers in 2020. As massive as this population looks, only 42million people across the world play blockchain games and 1.9billion gamers around the world are just playing for the fun of it.

 Arena master believes in improving the percentage of P2E gamers since the gaming world has evolved from playing for fun into including playing to earn, to also fulfil the purposes of creating this game. Arena Master is aimed to give people easy access to playing blockchain games.

The Game was developed under the memorandum of game development studio Sambrela and Game X Change – a global gaming exchange for the movements of assets (NFTs). 

Why Arena Master?

The gaming industry is now an avenue for people to bring their dreams to reality as far as the gaming space is concerned.

However, there are some issues that Arena Master has been seen as challenges in the gaming industry which  issues includes:

  1. Centralization: Arena Masters believes most games are hosted on relatively unsafe and insecure centralized servers.
  2. Expensive payment Methods: Due to the difference in payment methods of expensive equipment upgrades and power-ups on gaming platforms across the globe, interchange charges are often marked higher across credit/debit card issuers.
  3. Not Enough Transparency: Gamers are often lured to play a certain number of spin sessions with their hard-earned coins to win a piece of equipment that is not available no matter how many times they try.
  4. Virtual winners receive their rewards in cash and collectibles but cannot be transferred to another player for cash or any other form of exchange. The rewards are useless.

Arena Masters believes in providing solutions to the challenges facing the gaming industry through:

  1. The introduction of a decentralized system with the help of blockchain technology where the system will be permission less, smooth, fast, and cheap.
  2. There will be improved security as the blockchain remains one of the most secure technologies available.
  3. Payment methods and channels on arena master are streamlined and regulated to provide even charges, if any, for any asset or power-up purchase on the gaming platform.
  4. With Arena Master, you do not have to worry about the inflated price as it is controlled and sold uniformly across regions.
  5. A better gaming experience where gamers can provide valuable input that will help the game developers to fine-tune and improve the gaming experience for the average gamer.
  6. Rewards, gaming assets, and gears will be traded or exchanged for an Arena Master native token which in turn has real-world value and can be exchanged for fiat currencies on any of the supported DeFi exchange platforms. 


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Area Master Ecosystem 

Arena Masters ecosystem is based on a decentralized and automated algorithm. It rewards players according to rankings in tournaments, PvP matches, gaming asset trading, and staking native tokens to provide liquidity. 

  • The ranking is determined by experience levels acquired through battles and how well a character’s skill set has grown. 
  • Players versus players (PvP) matches do not receive as many experience points(XP) as tournaments. 
  • Arena characters are grouped into 10 levels, each level is separated by 5 sublevels and each sublevel by 1000 XPS. This simply means gamers/players would have a total of 5000XPs to complete each level.
  • The primary means of getting XPS would be from PVP matchups.
  • Players will be randomly matched with other players of the same level and XP ratings to promote fairness.
  •  There will be no one-way victories or illegitimate gathering of XPS at another player’s expense.
  • Players’ rankings and XPS will play a part in their governance upvotes and proposals.

Take note: The higher a gamer’s ranking and total XPS, the better the reward system favors them. As higher 

ranking translates to a much higher trust level, highly ranked, players will be charged as liquidators of the liquidity pool. 

 Unique features of Arena Master

  1. Multi-chain NFTS: It is a multi-chain system that enables players to store their digital assets in the same collection when competing against each other. This will solve the issue of interoperability that may hinder staking.
  2. Free-To-Earn: Most P2E games require some kind of commitment before they have the access to earn while playing. Arena master games require no form of commitment, it is free to play.
  3. ArenaTokens: Players of Arena master will be rewarded with the arena governance token.after every tournament, battle, power-up, or when milestone is reached.
  4. Tournaments:Tournaments will be organized periodically to maintain the competitiveness of the community. 
  5. Peer-to-Peer escrow system: The peer-to-peer system will be backed by smart contract technology that ensures safe and permissionless transactions between Arena Masters.
  6. Arena master runs on both Android and iOS devices.


The governance token for Arena master will be $AMT which will be used as in-game rewards for players.

Total Supply: 100,000,000 AMT


Token Supply 

Seed – 1.5% – 0.0883USD 

Private – 8% – 0.1100USD 

Public Sale -3% – 0.1800USD

Game Rewards – 19.5% 

Development – 10% 

Liquidity -3% 

Staking/Farming – 20% 

Airdrop – 0.5% 

Ecosystem Growth – 14.5% 


Conclusion: The gaming world keeps evolving daily with new projects, both big and medium scale, gradually leaning towards the gaming world.  

Arena master is a mobile game determined to have the largest share of ready adopters even among crypto gaming platforms as it believes that blockchain games is the future. It is decentralized, autonomous, trustless, cheap, fair, and transparent.

So, let’s keep arms crossed and see how this unique project changes the P2E world.


What do you think of this article? Share your comments below. 


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