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FTX’s Alameda Bets Big on MonkeyBall with a Partnership 



FTX's Alameda Bets Big on MonkeyBall with a Partnership 


Next-gen esports metaverse Monkeyball has courted the interest of Alameda Research, the R&D firm backing crypto derivatives exchange FTX to secure a partnership. The research firm is betting big on the Solana-based play-to-earn game after it made the headlines for raising $3 million from Top VCs in October.

MonkeyBall’s latest partnership with Alameda comes on the heels of recent collaborations with private digital assets investment firm Ascensive Assets and the investment arm of leading cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, OKEx BlockDream Ventures. These strategic partnerships are aimed at mapping out a solid path for the MonkeyBall game.

MonkeyBall, as an esports multiplayer game incorporates NFTs, decentralized finance, and soccer with Monkeys as players.

When asked what was the motivation behind its MonkeyBall partnership, the research firm revealed it had been attracted by the experienced team assembled for the game. Alameda noted that the MonkeyBall team has a deep understanding of blockchain-based economics and token design which is important for the development of the game.

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On the future of play-to-earn games, Alameda Research shed light on this noting that interoperability will be a driving force for innovation in coming years, such that users will be able to deploy assets in one game into another. Alameda also touched on a unified multi-metaverse harboring different metaverses and play-to-earn/work-to-earn economies. 

MonkeyBall to Launch $MBS Token on Raydium 

Meanwhile, MonkeyBall has announced that it is opening up its $MBS token for trading on a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) for Solana Raydium. The token launch is scheduled for Dec. 8 at 3 p.m. UTC.

Solana blockchain continues to rival Ethereum as projects with play-to-earn gaming utility keep emerging, capitalizing on the Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol it uses to bootstrap its products.

Solana also promises faster and cheaper transactions with a higher throughput of 65,000 transactions per second. P2E games like MonkeyBall will deepen the interest of investors in Solana, leading it closer to becoming one of the most dominant chains in the industry.

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