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Derby Stars: Horse Racing NFT Game Stars on Terra Blockchain



The Terra ecosystem is expanding at a fast pace, thanks to innovations like DeFi and non-fungible tokens. Both innovations have been responsible for the rising TVL in the ecosystem and speeding up the blockchain’s adoption, including that of tokens like LUNA and UST stablecoin. 

Terra recently broke the glass ceiling and joined the ranks of blockchains pivoting play-to-earn games. Projects like Riviera, Terra Casino, Terra Vegas have set the ball of blockchain gaming rolling on Terra blockchain. However, the first NFT game Derby Stars is set to star on the blockchain as play-to-earn games continue to record more active users around the world daily.

What is Derby Stars?

Derby Stars is the first NFT game to be released on Terra. The game introduces traditional horse racing merged with an NFT utility to Terra, allowing users to experience the fun of horse racing on the blockchain. Derby Stars hosts its own racing engine along with cartoon rendering graphics, to improve the quality of experience for players. 

Players will have access to a metaverse where they can breed and trade horse NFTs as well as interact with themselves. The horse NFTs helps players to level participate in races to win prizes. They can own more than one horse to boost their winning chance.

The metaverse use case added to the play-to-earn game allows players not only to own horses but lands where they can train them as ranchers. The game requires that players train their horses to win races. They can also team with other players to level up and manage their horses.

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Exploring Derby Stars Horses

Horses in the Terra-based game have more than 10 body parts, and each one falls into three tiers, namely, normal, rare and unique. In addition, each horse will be born with four talents: Runaway runner, Front runner, Stalker and Stretch runner. 

Also, horses can acquire certain skills through breeding. Each horse’s stats can be enhanced through training, which can improve a player’s advantage during races. 

How Players Earn Can Earn

The Derby Stars team is pivoting a dual token economy model for the game, consisting of a governance token— which users can use to partake in decisions relating to the development of the game, and utility tokens, which will be used to reward players.

Derby Stars is being incubated by UNOPND, a startup studio backed by Korean crypto VC Hashed. The presale for Derby Stars horses NFTs held on Monday 6th December.

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