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Top 8 Exchanges Where You Can Buy Wakanda Inu ($WKD)



wakanda inu the africa meme token dog

With the raging buzz around the Wakanda Inu meme token taking over the crypto social spaces, one would wonder where this token can be bought and sold. 

Wakanda Inu ($WKD) is a community project built from the warm consciousness of humanity.

WKD is a decentralized token that represents the daily struggles and desires of what it really means to be alive as a community.

The token has created a lot of conversations amongst both crypto natives and non-crypto folk. 

Wakanda Inu represents the African Cat, with its high spirit, great stamina and incredible sense of hearing.

According to the project Whitepaper, 4% of the allocated WKD tokens will be used for charity-oriented purposes.

You might be wondering where to buy or sell the Wakanda Inu token, these cryptocurrency exchanges listed below might be a great place to start.




Quidax is a digital asset exchange that allows users to easily buy and sell cryptocurrency with their local currency.

It is known as the Home of BEP20. It was founded in 2016. Nigeria is currently one of the major hubs for cryptocurrency activities globally, a status it has maintained  despite a recent government ban on cryptocurrency transactions. Quidax is user-friendly, safe and secure.



HaggleX is another interesting exchange that has  a new and easier way to seamlessly take control of your finances. HaggleX is designed to modernize the finance and payments industry.

It also aims to solve the problems of traditional payment methods by offering instant transactions and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements for merchants.

Its services include Peer to Peer (P2P) trading, Staking, BitSave, Virtual Fiat Card  and so much more. The HaggleX operational office is domiciled in Lagos, Nigeria.



Obiex Finance is a Crypto exchange where you can swap crypto instantly, conveniently and without confirmations.

Obiex gives you unparalleled access to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Centralized Finance (CeFi) ecosystem. It is easy, fast & secure.

It also provides regular updates on the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market and offers information that can guide you on your crypto journey.



BoundlessPay is essentially a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that allows you to make swift, secure, convenient, and affordable transactions globally without limitations.

Its features include a pre-installed digital wallet and debit card that enables storing and spending of digital currencies across merchants globally.

BoundlessPay also offers its users access to crypto loans and digital asset investment.

In addition, its features include; 

  • Utility bill payments.
  • Micro payment.
  • Can be used to hedge against inflation.
  • Can be traded against Bitcoin, Naira and other currencies.


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TATSwap is a Decentralized Exchange Protocol that powers Peer-to-Peer trading and swapping of cryptocurrencies.

It is the fastest way to trade and earn farm tokens for users. It is also the easiest way to launch, list and build liquidity for project tokens. Wakanda Inu is currently available on TatSwap.



PancakeSwap is the most popular exchange with the most users of any decentralized platform ever.

PancakeSwap users have entrusted the platform with over $14 billion in funds.

You get to buy, sell, swap and stake crypto on the exchange. 



This is one of the fastest and easiest crypto exchanges you can ever come across. Flitaa is simple and user friendly. Its features include buying, selling, sending, receiving  and swapping of cryptocurrencies.

You can also buy crypto as low as N500 from the exchange. Wakanda Inu currently is live on Flitaa.



NaijaCrypto is a Cryptocurrency Exchange that facilitates crypto spot trading, staking, crypto-loans and a whole lot of other blockchain-based services.

It aims to bridge the gaps in financial inclusion by facilitating Traditional Financial activities by utilizing the blockchain technology. Wakandu Inu is available on NaijaCrypto.

With these exchanges listed above, there is no doubt that Wakanda Inu is more than a meme token.

It has strong potential. Wakanda Inu is here to stay. One thing is certain, more crypto exchanges will likely embrace this token.

So much popularity for a meme token, I dare say?



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