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Hackers Demand $70 million dollars in Bitcoin from US based Ransomware Victims 



An alleged Russian group of hackers have demanded over $70 million in Bitcoin to restore the damage done to a number of US based companies in a recent ransomware attack. The incident came two months after the recent Colonial pipeline ransomware attack that happened in May, this year, 2021.


The hackers launched the attack during the 4th July independence celebration holiday last weekend. They claim Russian origin and are identified as the “REvil group”. About 200 companies in the United States were victims of the ransomware attack by the hackers. Over 100 other firms all over the world were affected by the recent hack as well.


The Russian group of hackers have demanded a sum of $70 million dollars in  Bitcoin (BTC) to release the decryption codes to the affected companies to restore their data. They boast of having access to more than 1 million computers in the world and threatened that the only way the companies could restore their data was to pay the ransom. The affected companies risk leakage of their data to their public if they fail to comply.


Origin of the Attack Remains Unclear

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The United States has a history of battling with ransomware attacks which is believed to be mostly likely from Russia. President Biden is said to have appointed agencies to gather intelligence as regards the issue. 


However, the President has cleared the air about the identity and origin of the hackers. He stated whether or not the attack from Russia remains unclear for now.


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Bamisaye Felix
1 year ago

Lol, Russians don get liver oil but I feel say na those pained Chinese guys run am.

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