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Bantu Network Token XBN to be Listed ‘Within A Month On A Global Exchange’



Bantu Network Token XBN to be Listed ‘Within A Month On A Global Exchange’

Bantu Network Token, the XBN is set to be listed on a global exchange according to a statement by the Bantu Blockchain Foundation. The listing is said to be within a month and the token will be available for trading and usage.

The Foundation didn’t give an exact date the listing will be made; however, it said announcement will be made from its official channels as well as the official channels of the Exchange

Bantu Foundation also revealed it had redesigned the BantuPay app from feedback and analytics obtained from its pilot. The new version of the App will be available on App stores by the third week of March, 2021.  The Foundation noted that “more tokens” will be available on the BantuPay wallet as its partners continue to deploy their projects on the Bantu Blockchain Network.

About the Bantu Network

The Bantu Network is an advanced and highly scalable Blockchain platform designed to make it possible for instant and secure transfer of value, swap and trading of digital assets. Companies can easily connect to the Bantu Network via its API. 

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Bantu network is a highly scalable platform that combines the best attributes of top blockchains and DLTs such as speed, security, reliability. It also adds what it calls the human element that economically empowers every network participants while lowering entry cost.

Its core features includes:

  • Real time settlement of 2-5 seconds. Over 15,000 TPS. 
  • Highly secured cryptographically using Elliptic-curve cryptography. 
  • Global reach with single integration with effective asset control options. 
  • Low cost. Ability to process over 100,000 for less than $0.01.
  • Support for smart contracts and regulatory AML/KYC Compliance support.
  • Built-in Currency and digital asset Decentralized Exchange.

The Blockchain Network went live on the 16th of December, 2020. At its grand launch which had its physical location at Lagos, Nigeria, notable personalities from the Banking, FinTech and Blockchain communities were present. Amongst the several were the CEO of Sterling Bank, Mr. Abubakar Suleiman who said the ‘era of fiat currency is gone’. Bantu Blockchain Network Advisor, , Mike Ogbalu III , the CEO of Verve also was present and he said Verve is already looking at Verve 2.0 and Blockchain is a big part of it.

He added that the “functionalities and the capabilities of the Blockchain made it clear to us that Blockchain is the way to go.”

A week after launch, the Bantu Network was able to onboard 50,000 users from across over 147 countries.

Explaining the rationale behind the Bantu logo, the CEO, Bantu Blockchain foundation Ernest Mbenkum said the symbol represents freedom while the word Bantu means Humanity. A combination gives “freedom for humanity”.

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